Finished Projects

Kanfooz: Come to Rescue
It's my first game. I made it using GameMaker when I was 14 years old. In this game, you play with Sonic in different forms and try to save your beloved Kimbry.
Play: YoYoGames

you play with an Alien whose spaceship was hit and crashed in a planet. The Alien found that the planet inhabitants are not friendly so he wanted quickly to collect parts of spaceship to repair it quickly and leave the planet as fast as possible.
Play: GameJolt - YoYoGames
Press: GMT Magazine

Pace Maker
Destroy circuit breakers attacking you, so this will cause lots of shocking increasing shock rate. When shock rate exceed a certain limit the pace maker is destroyed and you win the level.
Play: Newgrounds - Kongregate - GameJolt - GameJolt (PC version) - YoYoGames (PC version)
Music: BauAir Studios
Press: IndieGames

Play with the Whity and convert the Bluy ones to get a Highscore you only get score when some of your controlled Whity are destroyed. As the chain reaction increase your gained score increase.
Play: GameJolt - YoYoGames
Press: KwikLook

You play with Bactoriam king of Bacteria who wants to prove to human that bacteria isnot the minimum bare living organism and they are better than Viruses which the human afraid of them.
Play: GameJolt - YoYoGames
Press: 100 GameMaker Games in 10 Minutes - BigDownload - KwikLook

You play with naughty boy at school who always fails at exams. So the principal of his school decided to send a mail to his mother, but sending one mail is not enough because the boy may stole it from the postman. So the principal decides to send lots of mails till the boy's mother call the principal.
Play: GameJolt - YoYoGames
Press: 100 GameMaker Games in 10 Minutes - 235 Free IndieGames in 10 Minutes - KwikLook

Play with hill climber who wants to climb the largest mountain in the whole world. See how far can you get high without falling. Art by Tomy Barrios.
Play: Newgrounds - Kongregate - GameJolt - Android (Coming Soon)
Press: Under The Radar

Project Cupid
Cupid want to spread love all over the town but spreading love cause him to lose his love power and without love power he dies. Art by Tomy Barrios.
Play: Newgrounds - Kongregate - GameJolt - Chrome Store
Music: BauAir Studios
Themes: Chrome Theme

The Power
A collaboration project between me and Alexitron where a treasure hunter just discovered a new planet, or did he? Step into a new world full of enemies, hazards, bosses and lots of power-ups. The Power is an action packed Metroidvania style platformer with stylish graphics, awesome music and simple yet challenging gameplay.
Play: Newgrounds - Kongregate - GameJolt
Music: Brother Android & Pgil
Themes: Chrome Theme
Press: FreeIndieGames - IndieGame Magazine - IndieGames - JayIsGames

Garbage became one of the most difficult problems that face our society. If we didn't find a solution for that problem in the simplest case when someone throw a garbage bag from the window it may fall on your head and kill you. Art by Tomy Barrios.
Play: Newgrounds - Kongregate - GameJolt - GameTako (Arabic Version)

Play as falafel restaurant and try to fry maximum amount of falafel. Upgrade your restaurant to match with competitors and get more money.
Play: Newgrounds - Kongregate - GameTako (Arabic Version)

Don't Push the Button
Jump over the button to press it to know why people always tell you don’t press the button. Made for LudumDare23.
Play: Newgrounds - Kongregate - GameJolt - GameTako (Arabic Version)
Source Code: Dropbox

Friendship story between a girl and her Teddy bear.
Play: GameTako (Arabic Version)

Its same as Ta'mya but we use Kabba instead of Falafel this time. The revenue came from the ads is used to support the Syrian refugees.
Play:GameTako (Arabic Version)
Press: Kill Screen

Clean'Em Up
First commercial game made by Omidos (team consists of me and Omar Shoukry) and it's now Free to play. You play as an Upgradable Antivirus; you seek and destroy viruses, collect and protect files and face huge Bosses in a PC Top Down Shooter with neon graphics and enormous number of on screen enemies.
Play: Direct - GameJolt
Music: BauAir Studios
Press: IndieGame Magazine - IndieGames - LazyGameReview - NG4A (Arabic) - Rock Paper Shotgun - True Pc Gaming - True Gaming (Arabic)

This game is a contribution to "Connect the dots" games, I love to play in magazines in my childhood. You are connecting dots in the game to balance the graph and see the resulted shapes from connecting dots.
Play: Newgrounds - Kongregate - GameJolt
Press: MochiLand - Oddities

Robotic Arm
Every robot have a goal even if it is a robot arm. It will make the impossible to achieve it with the shortest path. Try to teach the robot arm how to move to reach his goal in minimal number of moves.
Play: Newgrounds - Kongregate - GameJolt
Press: FreeIndieGames - IndieGame Magazine - JayIsGames

Collect a game about collecting + signs and evolving to pass all the test. Made for LudumDare24.
Play: Newgrounds - Kongregate - GameJolt
Source Code: Dropbox

Find It!
Experimental collaboration game between me and Alexitron where you try to find maximum number of items in 60 seconds. Game made in 8 hours.
Play: Newgrounds - Kongregate - GameJolt

Use mouse to place bombs which explodes and moves balls toward Goal.
Play: Newgrounds - Kongregate - GameJolt

Use the mouse to shoot your Ball... Same color Balls explode on contact... Blast all Balls...
Play: Newgrounds - Kongregate - GameJolt - GameTako (Arabic Version)

A Snake Puzzle game inspired by Snayke.
Play: Newgrounds - Kongregate - GameJolt
Themes: Chrome Theme
Press: FreeIndieGames - IndieGame Magazine - JayIsGames - PCGamer

Alone in the Park
A collaboration game between me and Vartagh where you fight hundreds and hundreds of cute but evil mushrooms to get out of the park.
Play: ArmorGames - Newgrounds - Kongregate - GameJolt
Music:BauAir Studios

Top Down Super Crate Box
This game made for Charity Game Jam. The game is inspired from Super Crate Box by Vlambeer and Shooting from Dromad by Connor Ullmann.
Play: Newgrounds - Kongregate - GameJolt
Press: IndieGames

Made for GameJolt GameJam 3. An adventure game about political views in Egypt in a metaphoric way.
Play: Newgrounds - Kongregate - GameJolt
Press: FreeIndieGames - IndieGames - Coin Arcade

Evil Goat
Use Arrows to move Evil Goat, Kill all childrens to finish the level. Made for LudumDare25. If you get stuck try the Walkthrough.
Play: Newgrounds - Kongregate - GameJolt
Source Code: Dropbox

Simple Love
Love is simple Just follow her heart beats. This game is made for the Global Game Jam 2013.
Play: Newgrounds - Kongregate - GameJolt
Press:IndieGame Magazine - IndieGames

Survive the chaos and Destroy the hollow ones in chaos environment. Inspired by Super Hexagon by Terry Cavanagh. Made for GameJolt Contest.
Play: Newgrounds - Kongregate - GameJolt
Music: Agent Whiskers
Press: IndieGame Magazine - Whaat Next - FreeIndieGames - Rock Paper Shotgun

An artistic game made in less than 24 hours for GameTako Zanga (Theme was Lost) with Saemon.
Play: Newgrounds - Kongregate - GameJolt - GameTako (Arabic Version)
Press: IndieGame Magazine - FreeIndieGames - IndieGames

Inspired by Super Crate Box and Super Hexagon. Collect squares, avoid bullets and survive for longest time. Game made in 48h in Game Design workshop by Mario Von RickenBach.
Play: Newgrounds - Kongregate - GameJolt
Press: IndieGame Magazine - IndieStatik - Rock Paper Shotgun - Whaat Next

Match A Number
Inspired by Stickets and A Game of Numbers. Drag the mouse over the numbers. Try to get same result. Longer chains gives you higher score and higher time. Game made in less than 10 hours for LudumDare 27.
Play: Newgrounds - Kongregate - GameJolt

InDevelopment Projects

Just simple arcade game about playing with Goos (more)

Crappy Dreams
A collection of my own dreams in form of mini-games like WarioWare (more)

Robotic Arm Plus
An expansion for Robotic Arm game hope I can make it a good one (more)

All my Balls
An expansion for Balls game with more world mechanics and more overall game mechanics (more)

An expansion on Snazzle game with more mechanics and more levels (more)

Abandon Projects

Hello World!
My graduation project which is a fast paced arena MMO-RPG game (more)

A game made for a competition about Ninjas where you play with a solider and try to kill all Ninjas (more)

Night Guard
It was inspired by Super Meat Boy, where you play with a delivery boy where he try to break out from a factory and in order to break out he must destroy the factory by making the robots and laser and saws (in the factory) destroy each other (more)

My first LudumDare entry but I didn't finish it, where you play with a U.F.O. and kidnap people to get their powers (Source Code)

It was a collaboration game with Ahmed Saker for GameTako Zanga (Summer 2012) about Freedom and how people are deceived by thinking there is something called Freedom (Prototype)


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