Sunday 28 June 2009


Hey All,

I have some good news this time :).

First There is a large competition held on TIGForums its Theme is Adult/Educational Compo. You have the rights to make one of the two themes or both themes as you can make an educational sex game but its some how difficult. The reason for choosing those both themes that they are both difficult and lots of game companies get away from sex games (adult) or educational game as they are very hard to be sold as very specific people will buy it and not all people.

The starting day is today and it last for 6 weeks so the end date is 9th August(midnight). Anyone will enter he must make a topic about his game to show the progress in it (you should post it here) and when you finish you should make the label of the post contain word [FINISHED]. If you are going to make an adult game the topic title must have [18+] or [NSFW] tags.

For more information about the topic here is the original topic (link)

Another thing as I said before, I will make another blog for talking about my college work and software design and anything related to that field. This blog is done by now and I am not only the writer there is another writer there. Mohamed Ibrahim will write about his experince with interviewers. Anything related to computer engineering will be posted there :). My old topic about Vinter Antivirus is removed from that blog and posted there. So the link for the new blog is here.

This I think all the news for now.

Bye Bye

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