Monday 14 September 2009

News on the Go

Hi All,

It has been long since my last post :). I must carry lots of news due to this long period, But really nothing alot I only post this post :D just to say that I am still here and alive :).

First I didnt work on Ninjaki at all since my submission day for engine test to Montada compo I dont know if I will continue in doing it or what??

Second Thing is bad news for me (I get used to it) which is I didnt win in GameCOG compo (Bactoriam was the entry) and niether I am one of the top 7 :) By the way Congratulation for the winners :)

Third stuff is about 2BeeGames compo its deadline has been extended till 15th October so there is still plenty of time for any one wants to participate in it.

Fourth thing while I was searching about my game Bactoriam through Google I found that it took a review at BigDownload website (link).

Last thing which was a small pixel drawing for a character I draw on paper :) plz tell me your opinion about it :)

Bye Bye


  1. I think Bactoriam did deserve some kind of mention; it was a pretty fun game, overall.

    That pixel drawing looks alright, but I'm not much for the choice of colours and the shading.

  2. Thanks Darren :)

    About the shading and colours thnx for ur opinion I will try to improve my skills :)

    Thnx man :)

  3. I like the drawing... but I'm not much of a drawer (no, not the boxer shorts, lol) my self.

    Too bad you didn't win the compo, that game was nice!

    PS: You spelled "Banov" "Banvo" on your favorite links section.. :)

  4. Thnx James :) Hope you have liked Bactoriam :)

    Wish to me goodluck in next compos :)

    Thnx for the correction I wrote it quickly so I miss-spelled it :)

    Thnx Buddy :)

  5. why did you stopped working on Ninjaki
    it looked like a fun game
    don't give up
    you r on your way to the top

    congrats on the review but i didn't know what they meant by "terrible translation"?

    i liked the drawing

  6. about Ninjaki I dont know but may be I get bored or because I left it for long time so I dont want to continue or may be because I think its very large and need lot of time :-??

    Also I started today working on a small game for the failure theme in expermintal gameplay compo :)

    About the meaning of terrible translation it means that the english used in writing is so horrible as lots of people told me about that I think I will re-write the how to play to be more clear in a newer version :)

    :) thats cool that you liked my drawing :)

    Wait for my newgame :) as I feel that it will be good game :) (hint about it: I wont use circles and squares graphic (geometric graphic :) ))