Friday 29 June 2012

Connect: new game made for MochiMedia contest

It has been a while since last post, I haven't worked a lot in past few days (after Clean'Em Up release) because my morals were down due to lots of stuffs happened to me recently.

So I figured out to make a new game for MochiMedia June Contest (60 Seconds Gameplay) and I started thinking about the idea till I was cleaning my room. I found lots of my childhood magazines and comics (mickey, flash, smash) and I remembered how I always love "Connect the Dots" game in them.

So I decided to make a game as a contribution to these old days :) I wanted to make something new than just connecting dots to get shape, So I inspired by Increpare Puzzles game and English Country Tune so I decided to make something with the game which have some thinking and at same time connect the dots to get a shape.

Due to that Connect was made where your aim is to connect the nodes of the graphs and at same time make all nodes balanced (have zero value). I know its a weird idea but I decided to test it in that competition :).

Connect is available on That's everything for now stay tune for more news and stuffs soon :)

Bye Bye

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