Friday 24 April 2009

Some Drawing

Hi All,
Sorry for not updating the blog long time ago but I was totally busy and I still busy but I said why dont I post some pictures that I have one severals weeks ago

The next picture was a logo to Ahmed Hussien (a friend of mine) search engine which is called CESURFER hope u like it :)

The next pictures are two squaries character one is batman and the second is Bad Girl :) Hope you like it too :)

I will be away for several days till I finish the exams I think sorry for that but hope I do well in it :)

Saturday 11 April 2009

MindHunter New Release

Hi All,
Sorry for long away from the blog but I was having Exams
I have finished a new release of MindHunter Game

New Features:
- All Graphics are polished
- All texts are visible
- Music Added
- Bug Fixes

Also I have posted the game on YoYoGames Website and lots of other sites hoping that people see it.

The Link is:

Also if you want to check the forum post on GMC Forums here is the link:
GMC Forums

Hope you like my game and waiting for your comments about it :)

Saturday 4 April 2009

Some PixelArt

Hey All,

I was trying to draw using mouse in the paint brush as some one called GraniteGear (one of my best game developper in YoYo) use only mouse and paint brush to draw what graphic for his games and its Awesome so I tried several days and here the results
Then i used program like paint but contain layers called GraphicGale (Chinese Program) to draw pixel art and thats the result

Hope my drawing is good :D and shading as well :D

Edit: This is a new one made by GraphicGale I made lots of squared characters on paper and called them the squaries :)