Monday 28 September 2009

New Game Release: Mailure

Hi All,
Long enough since I posted here thats because I didnt have anything to write about also I didnt want to spoil my new Game (Mailure).

I think that is super great news I released a new game with no geometrical graphics it is totally pixel art made by me :)


You play with naughty boy at school who always fails at exams. So the principal of his school decided to send a mail to his mother, but sending one mail is not enough because the boy may stole it from the postman.
So the principal decides to send lots of mails till the boy's mother call the principal.

So What you are waiting for Go and try it now and tell me your opinion :) (Link)

This game is made for Experimental Gameplay Failure compo :) Also I am going to participate with it in 2BeeGames Compo.

Another news YoYoGames starts a logo contest for GM8 where you must make a new logo for GM8 and the first prize will recieve a GM8 Pro version copy for free also will win 250$

So what are you waiting for start designing the logo :)

For more information here is the link

Hope that these news are Good enough to forgive me for not posting for so long :)


Monday 14 September 2009

News on the Go

Hi All,

It has been long since my last post :). I must carry lots of news due to this long period, But really nothing alot I only post this post :D just to say that I am still here and alive :).

First I didnt work on Ninjaki at all since my submission day for engine test to Montada compo I dont know if I will continue in doing it or what??

Second Thing is bad news for me (I get used to it) which is I didnt win in GameCOG compo (Bactoriam was the entry) and niether I am one of the top 7 :) By the way Congratulation for the winners :)

Third stuff is about 2BeeGames compo its deadline has been extended till 15th October so there is still plenty of time for any one wants to participate in it.

Fourth thing while I was searching about my game Bactoriam through Google I found that it took a review at BigDownload website (link).

Last thing which was a small pixel drawing for a character I draw on paper :) plz tell me your opinion about it :)

Bye Bye

Friday 4 September 2009

News-(aki) :D

Hi All,

Long time since last post, I didnt work on Ninjaki this week too, But I have good news for some competitions.

First Thing: My Game Bactoriam is now featured on KwikLook Blog.

Second Thing: QOG is making Birthday Compotition for making a game in 3 hours which must contain either one of these stuffs (Candles - Gifts - Sugar - Clowns - Cone Shape Hats). All the entrants will recieve a small review on his website and the winner will get large review. Dead Line is 16th September. For more info here is the link.

Third Thing: The Owner of Blog Mouse No is running a contest for artist for drawing a wallpaper for his game Cool Men. Top 3 posters will recieve a copy from the beta. For more information here is the link.

Fourth Thing: The New compo for Experimental Gameplay has been launched couple of days ago. The theme this month is Failure. For more information here is the link.

This is all the news for now :) Wait for more news later :)