Tuesday 28 July 2009

News and Competitions

Hey All,

Sorry for not updating here for awhile but I was too busy in making the new game and training and lots of other stuff.

About the new game:

I didn't pick a name for it and there is still lots of works to be done and I wish I can finish it before tommorow at 11:59 pm GMT as I wish to submit it in GameCOG competition. (Oooops my mistake I read the ending date is tommorow but I figured out that it is in August not July sorry)

Second thing is news about new competition that will start on GameJolt next month. I may participate in if the theme is nice. For more information here is the link.

This is all news for now Hoping to finish the game by tommorow Wait for Tommorow (may be not tommorow) :)


Saturday 25 July 2009

Bunch of News

Hey All,

I return today from Alexandria (a city in Egypt) during my stay there I started my new game which I will participate with it in GameCog contest Hope to finish it soon for the competition :).

I will give you a hint about it, its a shooter game in a new way.
First although lots may knew about that so far but I totally forgot to say the new version of GameMaker 8 beta is out if you like to test it. The features are the same but some bugs were fixed here is a list of the fixed bugs(link) :)

Another thing YoYoGames said that anone whom will buy GameMaker 7 Pro version these days will take a free upgrade to GameMaker 8 free of charge.

Another thing I participated by CrytorYan in Experimental Games this month competition :) and now it is consiered as an entry in it.

Another Thing about Madness Compo made by QOG I was awarded a prize called "This Would Have Won Had You Not Spent Five Hours On It" (link) and I think thats cool.
Last thing I think :) GameJolt chose me as one of the beta testers for the Ad-Revenue beta system :) so I can earn some money from the advertisement in my profile page or any of my games. (link to profile page)


Monday 20 July 2009

News and New Competition

Hey All,

Sorry for being away for some days but I am a bit busy these days as I have at morning training at computer company and I returned home at 6:30 and sometimes I go out and dont opent the internet to update my blog. Sorry for that.

Some Good News:

KwikLook featured my game CrytorYan as I asked him to try it and if he likes it post about it in his website and its the first time that someone likes a game and post it on his website. Here is the link.

The second news is about a competition made by the GameMakerGames Website its theme is "Sound design in gameplay" it something wired so if you like to join here is the link for more information.

Thats for now :) I may make a mini game like CrytorYan soon :)


Wednesday 15 July 2009

New Competition And Final Posters

Hey All,

First of all there is a new competition started couple of days ago at 11 but I knew about it right now its GameCOG 3rd compo.

The deadline for the compo is 29/8 there is still good time for anyone to participate in it. The theme of the competition is "Explosion", from my view its a nice theme lots of ideas can came up for it, You must upload the game on GameCOG website then refer to its link in the forums and by that way you are participated.

May be the prizes are good may make some people participate:

First Place: $20 + Review + Front Page Showoff + Gold Badge/Award + Banner
Second Place: Review + Front Page Showoff + Silver Badge/Award + Banner
Third Place: Review + Front Page Showoff + Bronze Badge/Award + Banner
All Participants will be shown on the front page (list), and will be awarded the Participant Award and Banner.
GameMold.com is again sponsoring our competition, offering the GameMold Choice Award of $20.

So there is a probability to get 40$ as a prize :) also they made a fun flash advertisement if you would like to see here is the (link)

I hope if I can participate or not :-?? but for whom interested here is the link again for more information.

About the Tocco Project i have finished the two posters and they went to be printed by the time I think, here they are hope you like them and tell me your opinion :)

Thats all for now :) Hope you enjoyed the posters and tell me your opinion


Monday 13 July 2009

New Game Release: CrytorYan and Some Poster News

Hey All,

I have made a new Game for QOG Madness 2Hour Compo but I think I can't participate because the game took developement time more than that (6 hours).

These 6 hours are divided like that the game engine and game took around 3 hours and 43 minutes, The music and sounds took around 1 hour which was so waste of time and The rest was for menus and interfaces.

The game as you can see is called CrytorYan which is a professor zack discovered material. The gameplay is so simple as it is a simple shooter with a small twist.

Proffessor Zack have discovered a new chemical substance.When he was observing of the heat on the material it make some strange behaviour. The Bluy atoms become insane and want to collide with Whity atoms (Bluy and Whity are the two atoms making the material) if the collison happens it unleash an explosion which destroy any other Whity ones which produce another explosion and so on in a chain reaction manner. The Whity shot some germs that transform the Bluy to its type to survive.

Go and try it now the here is the link.

About the Tocco Project posters I have finished the first one and when I was going to start the second the developing team reduce his expenses so they may not be able to print the second poster. But I told my cousin a plan to reduce the expenses and same time get two different posters is to print 2 large posters and some small posters instead of 3 large ones.

So he will think in that so I started in the second poster and I made a small prototype for it I like to share it with you and tell me your opinion about it.

Waiting comments about the new game and the poster.

Bye Bye

Wednesday 8 July 2009

Project Poster First Look and Some News

Hi All,

As I said before that I was working on a poster for my cousin graduation project. I don't know If I said that or not but we agreed to make two posters for Tocco Project as It is divided into two parts (I don't know If I said that Before but anyway Tocco project is two parts one is touch surface by fingures and the second is pen that can draw on any projected screen from a Projector)

I have worked for 2 days for now in making it and getting an idea. Yesterday I managed to make the first look on the poster

(Note: the Poster is larger than that image but because its size is so huge so I uploaded a resized version)

Hope u like it. I have lots of other news about competitions and other stuffs.

The IGF has opened the doors now for the submission so if anybody interested to join here is the (link) for students there is no fees on participation so I may join don't know if I had time for that.

Also QOG (a user on GameJolt website) started a 2 hour competition on the forums like the ones that happens on Poppenkast where the theme is MADNESS so you have to develop a game in 2 hour to participate I want to participate but I don't know if I can finish the game in two hours so I will try as I have a very awesome small idea. (for more information about compo here is the link)

Third and the last thing is that Experimental Games was re-opened again where every month a prototype game competition is held. This site is managed by Kyle Gabler (The Creator of World of Goo) also Petri (the Creator of Crayon Physics Deluxe). Do you know that World of Goo was created as a prototype called tower of goo on that website also Caryon Physics was the same too.

That all the news for now :)

Waiting for comments on the first look on the first poster :)

Bye Bye

Monday 6 July 2009

Some small news about new Projects

Hey All,

In the now time, I have two running projects. One is a Game and Second is a Poster for my cousin Graduation Project.

The Game is top secret right now but when I have a small WIP to show you I will upload it :) I am working on the engine and arting at same time and I finished about 10% of the engine and no more than 3% in graphics so it need more time.

But What I can say about the game is that its made for a competition in an Arabic Forum called Montada (This is a translated link) where the theme of the competition is Ninja Warriors.

About the second stuff (which is a poster for my cousin graduation project) his projet is Multi touch surface (like microsoft surface) but in more simpler way.

Beside the surface he is doing a pen which can act on the projector output as the mouse also you can use more than one pen.

So I am working on making the poster for that project (Tocco Project) as he is kidna busy and the project deadline is near around two weeks and there still some bugs and issues that must be solved.

By the way he made a blog for the progress of the project so If you are intersted you can take a look (link)

When anything cool is finished I will upload it on the blog. But both (my) projects are still in begining.

Bye for now

Friday 3 July 2009

GameMaker v8 beta version is released

Hi All,

Wow, the beta version is out you can get it and test it and report the bugs to yoyogames.com
So go now and sign up for a beta testing account on the website (link).

After Signing for an account a verification mail is send to you after confirming the mail and fill some information you will find Get Beta in upper left press on it and downlod GM8 Beta now

For more information visit: YoYo Games Glog

Bye Bye

New Competition

Hi All,

There is a plenty of competitions out there and I am participating on one on Arabic forum but the game will be in English ofcourse :)

Today I found a new competition on GameJolt not made by GameJolt team but by the owner of GroundZero Website the competition theme is Making a Really Hard Game.

Although it must be hard it must also be beatable :)

The problem in that competition is I know it right now which only leave for any one 3 days before the deadline (6th July).

I don't think I will participate in it as I am busy this period so If anyone intersted this is the complete information about the competition (link).

Hope to see really nice games there :)

Bye Bye