Tuesday 29 January 2013

Alone in the Park on Portals and ArmorGames

Hey All,
Alone in the Park is now on ArmorGames and on MochiGames and on Kongregate and GameJolt :) and it got featured on MochiGames and GameJolt on the release which was cool :) I know the game didn't do well on ArmorGames but it is still a nice milestone for me to have a game on ArmorGames :)

That's everything for now, I know its not much but I wanted to tell you all about that :)

P.S: If you following me on twitter (@amidos2006) you probably knew all that before the post :D

Bye Bye

Sunday 27 January 2013

Simple Love my First Global Game Jam entry

Hey All,
Long time as usual (my traditional intro) since the last post :) but I am so busy these days, although I managed to enter the Global Game Jam for the first time :D YaaaaaaY :D

Since the Theme was Heart Beating and I always wanted to make a love game and romance one (although I am not romantic person but I always love Romance Comedy Movies) so it was the time to create one.

I think words and music and environment are the ones that stimulates emotions in the player so I thought a lot how to make the game feels nice and amazing till I got the idea of playing with words and making worlds have shapes of hearts.

Since I never like text games because it contains lots of text and words so I want to keep text as minimum as possible (also I am not a good writer).

Due to all that Simple Love is made and here the Link to its Global Game Jam page. Also I managed today to make a version of the game to That's everything for now Hope I can release finish some of the games on my list soon (I hope so)

Bye Bye

Wednesday 9 January 2013

Top Down Super Crate Box on Portals

Hey All,

Probably you know from my twitter account (@amidos2006) or following me on Newgrounds that I have released Top Down Super Crate Box on my three beloved protals Hope you enjoy the game and stay tuned for more games and better games this year (I hope so)

Bye Bye

Tuesday 8 January 2013

Evil Goat LudumDare 25 Result

Hey All,
This is a very short post so don't worry :D not like previous one ;)

Just wanted to say that Evil Goat is ranked 21 overall in LudumDare 25 and ranked 10 in Fun Category :D which is super amazing I never got high in LudumDare like that one although I am still thinking Don't Push the Button is far more better than Evil Goat.

Here are the results of Evil Goat:
  • #10 Fun 3.95
  • #21 Overall 3.95
  • #109 Graphics 3.74
  • #189 Humor 3.06
  • #254 Theme 3.45
  • #260 Mood 2.97
  • #261 Audio 2.73
  • #283 Innovation 3.05
Thanks everyone who voted for the game and I hope that 2013 is better than 2012 and make better games and may be get some money from them :)

That's everything for now

Bye Bye