Saturday 17 April 2010

FlashPunk Start :)

Hey All,
Last thursday(not yesterday the one before) I have finished my midterm exam so I and my graduation project team (Hello World! Team) decided to take thursday and friday off.

And today we are going to continue working on faculty projects so last friday I decided to start coding in FlashPunk so I followed the first tutorial and see a small example made by chevy ray (The one who made FlashPunk library).

I made a simple game based on that tutorial just a rocket moving in space where it is directed with the mouse and move with up arrow and when releasing it stops due to friction also there is some random enemies generated with simple AI just search and follow player if the player exists in his range of sight and try to follow the player
Also the player can fire using left mouse button.

Here is a link for the game, also here is the source code for the game.

Then afterwards I decided to start my first real project in FlashPunk which is :) PaceMaker Flash Version :) here are all questions that you may wondering about.

Why PaceMaker?
Because PaceMaker was the most successful game I had made till now (was featured on IndieGames Weblog and it make the highest number of gameplays in all my games)
Also I choosed it as I dlove to start flash programming with something easy (shooter)

When it will be finished?
I dont know as I am too busy and I work maximum on it just one hour every week maximum so It may take long time.

Why are you going to make Flash Games?
Because I want my games to be more distributable :) so larger variety of people can try it :) Also I want to make gaming is my full time career job so Flash Games will allows me to find sposor so I will get some cash out of that. So I can say I make too dreams come true :) I make my lovely games and at same time Its my job :)

Will PaceMaker be sponsored?
I hope so as I will be extending the gameplay make achievements. Make bosses besides the main scenario. So hoping it find sponsor on FGL :)

How far you have done in it?
Just right now I only finished rebuilding the main menu and credits menu and making the explosions :) take a look :) so as I said its far away from finishing soon :)

About the graphics from screenshots it looks that it will be same vector drawing is that true?
For now time thats will be the case unless if I find an artist helping me or I have spare time to make some art for it :)

About game Music how you will do it?
I think I will contact Heatex (an amazing musician on gamejolt) Hope he accept to make music for my game :)

About Hello World! game Hassan the artist he told me that he is good in platforming only and not in isometic so now I am still looking for artist for the game hope I can find one soon :S

Thats all for now :)


Sunday 4 April 2010

Thats was long long time

Hi All Followers,
I know that it was long time since my last appear here on the blog but I was too busy and still too busy but I decided to make a very quick post for all my followers and friends who still check my blog.

I was saying that I am going to participate in YoYoGames 5th Competition with my game NightGuard I started working on it till I make a very descent engine but afterwards I stopped alittle due to my military training but when I finish the training, me and graduation project team where having a presentation that must be finished in two weeks maximum so we were working so hard these days and I didnt study anything during these days till we made a very descent presentation where lots of people love and we get good marks.

After the presentation we had very tight time before the midterm exams so we had to work hard everyday then by time we stopped for midterm exams because none of us study anything and if we didn't study well for it, Bad things will happen :D So due to all that I missed the YoYoGames 5th competition, so I stopped working on NightGuard but may be one day I will return back to it and finish it.

First lets talk alittle about what I have done in past days:

First about NightGuard:

As I said I made the engine and it works fine (its made by GameMaker 8 Lite version) and made some tiles and graphic asset but I didn't like the tiles alot I wish I had time to change it.

Here are some screen shots for the game:

Second My Graduation Project (Formally called Hello World!):

First of all I have said before that my graduation project by time is an Online Multiplayer Arena game (client server game). We still working on first prototype where you can move and attack (melee attack only).

Since due to very small time remaining an amazing artist (Hassan) decided to join to help us with the graphic assets. He didn't do isometric before but I know he will be amazing :) you can check his drawings here.

I knew hassan from a friend of mine called Ahmed Saker (well known on TIGSource Forum) as they are working on collab project called Fares you can check it.

The game will be a new type of gaming that never been made before (So stay tuned). Till the beta release here are some pictures for flyers and small intro made for by the flash for the powerpoint enterance (which we made at our presentation day):

The flash entrance of my presentation (click on the flash to view the animation)

Last thing is the News :) that I was late to post but they are amazing :)

First Flash Gamming Summit:

First this video will show the nominies for the award show:

Then now the winners are:

Second Peice of News is about IGF:

Here is a video showing the award show:

And the winners are:

Third peice of News is About GDC:

First sony made a great and amazing show there you can check the video below:

Although the Sony press conference was epic the Award show was much more amazing check it:

And the Winner in the Choice Awards are:

  • Game of the Year: Uncharted 2
  • Best Game Design: Batman - Arkham Asylum
  • Best Writing: Uncharted 2
  • Best Debut Game: Torchlight
  • Best Technology: Uncharted 2
  • Best Handheld Game: Scribblenauts
  • Best Visual Arts: Uncharted 2
  • Innovation Award: Scribblenauts
  • Best Audio: Uncharted 2
  • Best Downloadable Game: Flower

And last peice of News is about the YoYoGames 5th Competition entries where there are lots of amazing stuff there here are some of them:

Extinction 3d
Zoo Escape 3d
Western Shootout
Zombie Movie
Flash Five
Crucial Challenge
They Need To Be Fed
Tower of Heaven

and there are more and more amazing stuff there go and check with yourself. Thats all what I got for now :) Sorry for long time abscence but I will try to be more active, But now time I will disappear again as I have midterm exams the next week wish to me good luck.

Bye Bye