Friday 20 November 2009

A News Cocktail :D

Hi All,
There aren't lots of news by the time so I will tell you what I have for now :)

First is that the day I said that the IGF finals will appear I mistaken in my writting I meant that this day is the day to view all the entries for the IGF.

As you see from this link :) Bactoriam is their so which me luck (although I know It won't be qualified for finals as there are lots of other games so amazing :) here is a link to see all others)

Also there are some bad news I have heared. The famous hosting site for all GameMaker People (WillHostForFood) is now down due to some financial issues so if you want it back just donate.

An some how old news is that a new version from GameMaker8 is now available now here is the link

Games created or saved in this version of Game Maker will also stop functioning at the end of December 2009.

for more information about bug fixes here is the link.
Another thing Now its time for final choosing the winner for 2BeeGames Contest :) so go now and vote for best game :) but if you see more than one game nice plz vote for my friend game :) Kablooey as he promised everybody if he won his next game which is Sand Box of God Remastered Edition will be for free :)

Also GameJolt Minimal Contest is now finished and here are the winners:
First Place: Spectrum Wing
Second Place: Saut
Third Place: Fetus

Last News is the Famous Game Designer 2DCube (aka Jesse Venbrux) (creator of Frozzd and Karoshi Series) has released a new game Called Focus based on a prototype game he made long ago called Wrap go now and try it for free its so amazing I played it for hours since it was released :).

here is a its teaser :)

Last thing about my Game The Egg & The Stone it will be integreated tommorow and will go in testing phase :) hope we finish it soon so you could try it :) although Its an educational game as I said before.

Another thing that Captin Forever is now free to play due to the release of new game Captin Succssor so go and try it now :) link

Thats all for now :)


Saturday 14 November 2009

Compo News :)

Hi All,
As usual the weekly news :)

First about 2BeeGames Compo :) As usual I didn't qualify to the finalist with either Bactoriam or Mailure but some of my best developers have qualified (Vertigo Gaming) with his game Kablooey its a nice game you should give it a shot :)

Also there are some amazing finalist there :)
Cochon's Pursuit
Climb to the Top of the Castle
Cavemen Vs Aliens
besides Kablooey

Also I releasied that I am at the last year of the college so I participated in IGF this year with Bactoriam as a student :) and the announcing of Student Finals is tommorow :) Hope I make it (1 in million I think :D)

Also my Game Faculty Project was named The Egg & The Stone this name was chosen by some of my friends and this name is a name of an Arabic Movie which have the same idea of the game :) I wont say anything about the idea I will let it a surprise (by the way the game is educational game to learn people Resolution Principle so dont expect it fun game :) )

I submited to TIGSource Assembly Compo some pixel art pictures see them and tell me you're opinion :) here is the link of the post (link)

Here are the pictures :)

These are not all of them Go to the link and see the others :)

Last News that Reflect Games is holding a time travel gaming compo where you have to make a game talking about time travel alternating time or time machines

The end date is 10 December so head to submit and there will be nice prizes
First Prize is 30$ games on steam
Second Prize is 10$ games on steam
Third Prize is 5$ games on steam :)

If I wasnot Busy I will for sure submiting to that compo :) But I totally busy and I had an exam at next Monday

So for more information about the compo here is the link

Thats all the news for now :)

Bye Bye

Saturday 7 November 2009

Late News :)

Hi All,

A week I think since my last post, Although I am too busy but I am trying not to miss a week without posting :)

About the College project I am nearly finishing it. I made everything in the GUI except for the help and some tiny stuffs as I will leave it till the integreation phase with the Core Implementation :)

There is a nice News Also:

Unreal Engine 3 is now free for non-commercial use and educational use so head up and download it (link).

By the way I will be participating in the Assembly compo of TIGSource with some graphics :)

Next Monday the finals of 2BeeGames Compo will be announced and I have submited Mailure and Bactoriam :) so lets hope I reach the finals only :)

About GameJolt Minimal Compo there are plenty of nice games there so go and check them (link)

These are some of my best entries there :)
Fetus by rotten_tatter (creator of Visit Game)
Little by Zack
Kemrang by Human
madnessMADNESSmadness by NAL

Bye Bye