Sunday 28 June 2009


Hey All,

I have some good news this time :).

First There is a large competition held on TIGForums its Theme is Adult/Educational Compo. You have the rights to make one of the two themes or both themes as you can make an educational sex game but its some how difficult. The reason for choosing those both themes that they are both difficult and lots of game companies get away from sex games (adult) or educational game as they are very hard to be sold as very specific people will buy it and not all people.

The starting day is today and it last for 6 weeks so the end date is 9th August(midnight). Anyone will enter he must make a topic about his game to show the progress in it (you should post it here) and when you finish you should make the label of the post contain word [FINISHED]. If you are going to make an adult game the topic title must have [18+] or [NSFW] tags.

For more information about the topic here is the original topic (link)

Another thing as I said before, I will make another blog for talking about my college work and software design and anything related to that field. This blog is done by now and I am not only the writer there is another writer there. Mohamed Ibrahim will write about his experince with interviewers. Anything related to computer engineering will be posted there :). My old topic about Vinter Antivirus is removed from that blog and posted there. So the link for the new blog is here.

This I think all the news for now.

Bye Bye

Wednesday 24 June 2009

Pace Maker News and Some News

Hi All,

I managed to put Pace Maker on lots of gaming sites:

- YoYoGames
- RoketGames
- 2BeeGames

Beside GameJolt website.

Also I may start in new game couple of days as I had lots of ideas and don't know which idea is rather I do it.

Also I may learn XNA development kit inorder to participate in Microsoft Contest DreamBuildPlay
You may say are you mad or crazy to participate in this competition where lots of powerful guys will be participating. I think that it will be a good experince beside I will be participating with a game with a very strange idea can't reveal anything about it now. I may make a prototype for it using GameMaker or may be not to see the response before I made it using XNA in a better way.

Also learning XNA development kit will enable me to participate in next year Microsoft contest for students (Imagine Cup)

So if anybody of the readers interested I encourage him to participate as he will not have anything to lose if he didn't participate.

Also learning XNA is a good thing which will help you to importing games for XBox if you wanted to go commercial and lots of other stuff.

So Give them a try.

About what I posted for the college work I think I will make another blog with the team whom made the Vinter Antivirus on their website and this Blog will be dedicated for games only I hope so :)


Monday 22 June 2009

New Version of PaceMaker is now released

Hi All,

Version 1.1 of Pace Maker is now released on GameJolt

The newer version features:
- Two levels of difficulties: Normal and Hard
- Supporting Arrows to move the virus for Azerty keyboards
- Highscore Table
- Some glitches fixing
- One Extra Level

Go now to the link to try the new version

Hope you liked the game.


Sunday 21 June 2009

So Amazing Wow Wow :O

Hi All,

I finsihed my exams yesterday so I took a rest from PC and didnt open it

But before two days I released a full version of My Pace Maker game on GameJolt website for the competition.
For the people who were in love with the game they have noticed that the updates
- Fixing bugs
- Make it winnable
- Adding Music
- Icon
- Loading screen

and the so amazing stuff that I was featured on indiegames the weblog Wow.

I cant believe myself :) Wow

Thanks for all whom support me :)

Update: As you can see I changed the theme of the Blog as I will try to make one fits with my games :)

Bye Bye

Wednesday 17 June 2009

New Game: Pace Maker

Hi All ,

As I said I won't have lots of time to participate. But yesterday I said why don't I give it a try.
I started working on the game till I found only few things remaining and I finish it so I continued today.

Then DaDaDaaaa...... Pace Maker was finished.
Pace Maker is a small shmup game here its story

Story: In 3010 the computer viruses had been evolved till it can travel through air and infect any electrical system and destroy it.

So the electrical companies had developped hardware to destroy these incoming viruses. Everything was good till Kathomee virus is released.

This virus infect pace makers and destroy it using electrical shock bullets causing people to have a cardiogenic shock(heart failure).

so why don't you give it a try: Link

Hoping to win in this competition :)

Still music is remaining in the game and some fixing :)


Saturday 13 June 2009

GameJolt Competition

Hey All,

Still having exams :D but I recieved today an e-mail from GameJolt website that they oraganize a competition its theme is Shocking and the first 3 winners will have a feature on the main site and will be chosed to try the Ad Revenue system that they made also the firsst winner will recieve a game from Steam.

For more info. press on that link: here

I wished I could enter that competition, but the problem is that the time limited and in that period I have exams :( so I decided to try doing something today if I finish a large part I may participate else it is bad luck :'(.

I started doing some bars that indicate new level start but it was full of bugs so to remove these bugs it tookthe whole day :( so I think I wont participate :(

So if any one intersted you will find the link above.

Sorry for bad english but I am busy.

Bye Bye

Tuesday 2 June 2009

2BeeGames Competition Results and Website

Hi All,

This is a light post as I am still having exams but today 2BeeGames Competition announced the finals :)

And as usual MindHunter was not one of them :) So to check other cool games and vote for finals
Also the site contain lots of very cool games submited for competition :)
Go now to the website (2BeeGames Link) and check all these games

Another thing there is still a chance for MindHunter to be Community choice so if you like it go and make it on your favorite list :) (Here is the Link)

About TopCoder idea contest, also I didn't win at all in it :( so bad too.

I just wanted to tell you the progress of everything.

And Back again for the exams :D

Bye Bye