Sunday 13 June 2010

Pace Maker FP Closed Beta

Hi all,

I have finished implementing Pace Maker FP :) Yaaaaaaaaaaay :)
I wished If I can find some beta testers for it and tell me the feed back what wants to be improved as I think the curve of difficulty and other stuffs of money and enemies is still not balanced well :)

So I wish there is some testers that helps me in the game testing but since I am going to try to sponsor it so I dont want to make open beta so people dont share links and copy game and these stuff which will down rate the game in the view of the sponsor :)

So I decided to make closed beta testing :) The music and Sounds are not finalized :) they are temporarly for the moment as BauAir is still modifing it and he told me that he is going to help me in sound effects as well.

So anyone interested in testing just leave a msg here on the blog with profile contain his email or write his email in the post or send a private email to me and I shall reply on him :)

For now I will leave you with a short vedio about the game

The amazing music in the video is made by BauAir :) thnx to him and his really support :)

Thats for now :)

Bye Bye

Wednesday 9 June 2010

Just a Talk

Hey all,
How are you all :) I hope u are in good health :) This is the fastest time I post since longtime ago where I used to do that :)

First of all, I am going to talk about my own projects Hello World! no progress at all :S but PaceMaker FP I made some types of bullet waves also I made two types of enemies right now :)

As spoiling stuff I designed on papers 17 types of enemies :) Hope to get them done soon :) I know some of u may want some screens but I dont think I will do that right now so as not to spoil more stuff :)

Also another thing about PaceMaker FP :) that BauAir Studios (a talent guy caled Mikeal) geneoursly accepted to make music for Pace Maker FP which is a very nice thing :).

Lets go to indie scene and some other stuff I liked :)

First there is free tickets for Casual Connect Conferene at Seattle :) and mochimedia is supporting this tickets for more info here is a link.

Second thing Sakis25 a fellow developper using GameMaker but he is really amazing(He is the one behind Zoo Escape 3D in last YoYoGames Compo) :) he posted on his blog about a trailer for something called Mortal Combat Rebirth which is a trailer to a movie but made very well take a look :)

Also the next video is nice video for Stensil painting where he paint a monster from a game called Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet

Last stuff is some pixel art I was trying long time ago more than a month :)
Check them and tell me your opinion :)

I know that this post is shallow but I wanted to talk :)
That all for now :)


Sunday 6 June 2010

Longer than expected :)

Hey all,
Sorry for not updating lately but I was having a very large exam MI exam (Machine Intellegence) I dont think I solved good at all in the exam :) it was so hard for a human being to solve and remember around 500 pages in only 7 days :D

Forget about this painfull experince I passed through it :) Now lets take alook about everything indie :)

About my Game Projects Hello World! and Pace Maker FP no new as I was studing hard the last week :) but about two old games Ninjaki and Night Guard I moved them to an Abandon games section :) and may I will release their source code if anyone interested but I dont think it is nice as I am always work unarranged and with no plans :)

Talking about source codes both two very famous games Gish and Aquaria go now open and you can download their source code from the internet and work with it :)
Here are the links: Gish Source Code, Aquaria Source Code repository link

Aquaria Level Editor Video Nice one :)

About competitions it has been long time since I talked here about any new one ) There are several compos are held by time.

First one:

Expermintal Gameplay launch its new theme which is Casual Addiction which will last for two monthes. More details are here.

You can make use of that entry and enter with it another compo for Jayisgames which is the second compo on the list of todays compo :) here is the link for more details.

Third Compo on today list:

Its a large one held by Activision with total prizes ranges to 175,000$ :O Which is pretty amazing :) here for further details about rules.

After this avalanche of compos lets back for more indie news :)

AMD and YoYoGames launched a new site for kids to learn game design and programming called Activate :) you can check on it for lots of cool stuff. But someone may call where is YoYoGames involved in this thats pretty easy its main tool GameMaker is used as a primary tool at the site.

Last two stuffs :)

About FlashPunk recently ChevyRay made class for splash screens and its so cool take a look (preview) (Source Code)

Last is a nice video by Alec Holowka at Pecha Kucha talking
Here is the video check it :)

Last thing the E3 will be this month and it will start at 15 June and ends at 17 June which so amazing :) and waiting for it :) to see it online as I still cant go to it :)

This is my last words for now :)

Bye Bye