Wednesday 30 December 2009

YoYoGames Compos returns again

Hey All,

A very delightful news I just saw YoYoGames have started new Compo for the new year.
The theme of the compo is to make a game for handheld device using GM7 or GM8
Compo Rules (Copied from YoYoGlog)

  1. Your Game must be less than 10MB (uncompressed)EXE only…NO ZIP files.
  2. Maximum Screen Size 480X272
  3. No DLLs or other extension packages can be used.
  4. No Installation packages.
  5. No use of the registry.
  6. Game Controls must use cursor keys and space-bar only, escape to quit
  7. Game Maker versions 7 or 8 only
  8. All games must be tagged “Competition” and “05″
  9. Contest finishes March 30th 2010 at Midnight GMT

More info go to this link

I will particpate in the compo with a new game (the game idea was developed for RoboSquid Contest but I didn't start on it at all as I was too busy)

Yesterday I started making a platform engine so as to use it in my future games where this game will be one of them and Alexitrón (The designer of lots of amazing games such as The Power) told me that he will help me in level designing as I am horrible at it. (I am so happy when I knew that Alex will help me :) )

Today when I hear about the YoYoGames Competition 05 I decided to participate in it with my newgame which is called Night Guard :)

I won't talk about it for now when I finish some parts of it I will post about it :)

Thats all for now :) Hope to see lots of amazing entries there :)


Tuesday 29 December 2009

New Year Compo :)

Hey all,
Happy New Year and Merry Christmas :) Hoping that everybody enjoying his vacation :)
I just found a new compo for the new year made by ClickTeam (The Company that made MMF2(The tool used in making lots of famous games example: Kyntt Stories)) This compo have lots of amazing prizes

  • Multimedia Fusion 2 Developer or $369 via PayPal - quantity: 1
  • 1 GB 3.1 megapixel Mini digital video camera - quantity: 1
  • 1 GB MP3/Multimedia Entertainment Player - quantity: 1
  • 1 Year of Standard Web Hosting from - quantity: 2
  • Clickteam Hats - quantity: 5

The contest named 20 Event Contest :) where you must make a game having no more than 20 events and in each event contain no more than 4 conditions (I think)

It sounds strange but I think the prizes are cool :) The deadline is till 14 February 2010.

The are lots of some resterictive rules you must check them before start making the game :)
For more information Visit this link.

Another news:

Nicalis company has published some music for the christmas very wonderfull and you must check them now :) link.

Also Dr.Petter the amazing person who created the SFXR sound effect tool which I used in all my games sound effects :) its so nice :)
He released an alpha version for his new tool (Sculptris) for creating 3D models by shaping a sphere as it is a mud ball and I am shaping it.
It's amazing :) go and try it :) and by the way you can use it in making 3D models for ur game as it export obj extension.

Here is a video for it :) have fun :)

That all the news for now :)

Bye Bye

Friday 25 December 2009

Merry Christmas Everyone, Happy New Year

Hi All,
Since its holiday season :) and I still to busy in college work, and No new news these days so I thought to make a list contain best indie games I've played :) so if you don't play some of them you must go and try some of them now :)

Game List:
1- World of Goo
2- Crayon Physics Deluxe
3- Braid
4- Frozzd
5- Focus
6- The Power
7- And Every Thing Start to Fall
8- Fetus
9- Assassin Blue
10- Crazy Over Goo
11- CaveMan Carig
12- IjI
13- Innoquous 3
14- Dungeon Chaos
15- Ancient Ants
16- Granny And The Snowmen
17- Street Bike Fury
18- Super Ninja Hunter
19- Acid Bomb
20- Spirits Of Metropolis
21- Vivid Conception
22- Winter Solatice
23- RunMan: Race Around the World
24- Time Fcuk
25- Eufloria
26- Cave Story
27- Skull Pogo
28- Parasite

This is a nice gaming list I remember now :) Enjoy them :)


Friday 18 December 2009

Game Release: The Egg & The Stone (In my view Bad news)

Hi all,
You maynot understand why bad news ?? Thats easy because it is not really a game its learning game to learn what is called resolution principle a logical principal to solve logical problems.The game team was large 20 persons divided to lots of things. Although we were large but we dont work alot on this game as we were too busy in lots of other projects.

The game is finally done (without sounds or music) I was assigned me and two others to make the game graphics using XNA studio.

I draw the whole charcter set and make the design of the GUI code and classes in C# and make the integrate everything of the GUI and help in final integration in the game.

The game in my view was a horrible experience and also was not funny it still contain some bugs but these bugs are becz of the A* algo used in moving and we didnt have time to correct it.

Important Note: be sure to install CNFFont.ttf file in your windows and install XNA runtime :)

You can give it a try I upload it on GameJolt as usual and here is the link.

By the way the game isnot easy to be learned :) you may dont understand what to do.

Also I've heared about a new compo on website called IndieHell.

Theme: SandBox
DeadLine: 31 Jan 2010
Link: IndieHell Contest

I wish I have some time to enter Robosquid Compo as I had an amazing idea and I want to do it :)
Thats all news for now :)


Saturday 12 December 2009

News On Fly

Hey all,
First of all some Compo News.

First The Ludum Dare 16 Compo is now launched

Theme: Exploration
DeadLine: 16 December
More Info: link

Assemblee Compo:
Second is Part two of Assemblee Compo is now running where lots of graphical asset can be found here is a link contain all the graphical asset in the game so for more info about the compo you can get to the site through this link :) for getting all graphical asset and other music and sound sfx take alook at this link too.

Other news about GameMaker and YoYoGames the new GM8 logo will not be changed any more as Sandy said and here is the latest version of it (In my view the orginal logo have more professional look than that but doesnt describe GameMaker at all)

Another news that YoYoGames will update site InfraStructure on Monday and if the update goes well the new YoYoGames 5th Competition will be launched WoWoW. For more info here is the link.

Thats for now :)

ByeBye :)

Saturday 5 December 2009

Some Fast News

Hey All,

Fastly I will say some new competition if anyone would like to join them :)

First one: RoboSquid 4 Compo

Theme: Beautiful Destruction
DeadLine: 25 December
More Info: RoboSquid

Second one: GMHype Opening Contest: Charging

Theme: Charging
DeadLine: 22 December
More Info: GMHype

Third one: BoxedLunch's Arena Shmup Compo
Theme: Arena Shooter
DeadLine: 18 Decemeber
More Info: GameJolt

Fourth one: Zack's Elasticity Contest

Theme: Elasticity
DeadLine: 30 December
More Info: GameJolt

Fifth one: GAMMA 4 Contest

Theme: One Button Games
DeadLine: 31 January
More Info: GAMMA 4

More News:

2BeeGames Contest ended and here are the results :)

Climb to the top of the Castle win 10,000$ and a contract on console platform
Vector Conflict win community favour game

For Music lovers there are three nice games have published their tracks:

1- Aquaria Tracks (link) They are so amazing you must hear them

2- Fez 3 Tracks (link)

3- Machinarium (link)

at last see this interview with InfiniteAmmo (link) is so amazing :)

Thats all for now :) keep tune for more and more when I finish the exams :)


Friday 4 December 2009

Quick Post

Hi All,
Sorry for lack of updates but I had mid-term exams this week starting from tommorow.

I just want to post some screen shots from the Egg & the Stone Game the faculty game :) made by XNA framework.

See them and tell me your opinion :)

After I finish the exams I will post lots of news :) Keep tuned :)

ByeBye for now :)