Friday 28 August 2009

New Competitions :)

Hi all,

Sorry for not posting anything for awhile but I was too busy + I didnt work on anything so there were no new news to be posted :)

But I found a couple of days some news about new games competitions and animation competitions

First Game Maker Games Website launch his second mini competition by now. Its theme is Pacifism. The compo started today and will last till 13th september. There is no prizes just fame and review of the Game on the website. So if anyone intersted for joining here is the link.

Second is Video/Animation contest to participate you must submit superhero or villan monologue. You can use flash or Camera or a site like XTRANORMAL. About the deadline it will be 18 september. There are cool prizes for that compo the Heroic prize pack is about 250$ and the Villainous Prize Pack about 55$ and there is other prizes, you can find about them at this link. For more information and how to submit your entry here is the link.This is all the news for now.


Monday 24 August 2009

Ninjaki first look

Hi All,

Today was the last day for beta delivery of Ninjaki game on Arabic Forum called Montada.

Since the beta was only moving engine and some animations and effects and firing of 3 different weapons (although there are 4 done efficiently by now).

When you see the screenshots you will say HOW THIS GAME RELATES TO NINJA THEME ????

The answer is easy you wont play with ninja but you will fight them.

Heres the screenshots (early looks may changes in future)

This screenshot shows the player holding a shotgun and there is some birds flying in sky.

This screenshot shows the player shooting with the shootgun

This screenshot shows the player firing with a Bazooka :D

This screenshot shows when the explosion of the rocket fired from the Bazooka :D

Hope you enjoyed the screenshots.
Hope to finish that game as I think it will amazing game when it is finished as I put lots of work in making these effects :)

Bye Bye for now :)

Sunday 23 August 2009

Bactoriam Full Version Released

Hi All,

Sorry for not updating the blog for long time, But I was busy in training and other stuff so I didnt work on anything till yesterday.

I finished yesterday the full version and waited to launch it today. As I said before I am going to participate with it in 3 Compo


Experimental Games


I have uploaded the game on GameJolt and also on 2BeeGames and on YoYoGames for playing and GameCOG have a link on GameJolt page also Experimental is the same too.

So In full version:
- I modified the music (removed the blank time in the music before it starts)
- Highscore tables for all gameplay modes and difficulties
- Fixing some serious bugs I didnt notice (Thanks to Mozarty for reporting the Bug to me and my brother SaSa for finding when the bug happens)

Hope I win in the any of the above compos (GameCOG or 2BeeGames) :)

Link of the Game: GameJolt / YoYoGames

Keep waiting this week for some news about Ninjaki and first look on it.

Bye Bye

Monday 17 August 2009

Bactoriam Beta Released :)

Hi All,

As I said this day morning that Bactoriam Beta version will be released today. I finsihed the beta version and released it on GameJolt and GameCOG websites for testing and feedbacks.

In this game you play with Bactoriam King of Bacteria who wants to prove that bacteria isnt the minimum bare creature in universe.

I won't say alot here about the game, its better to let the game express itself. (GameJolt)

Things that will change in final version:
- May be the music (if someone interested in composing music for Bactoriam, Plz contact me)
- Featuring Highscore tables
- Fixing any exsisting bugs
- May be sound effects too

Go now and test and the game and give me your feedbacks :)
GameJolt link

Bye Bye

Saturday 15 August 2009

Bactoriam Game :( Bad News ):

Hi All,

Sorry for not posting anything lately, But I was working on Bactoriam Project.

Now time the game is finished everything in it except some few stuff like the power-ups and highscore tables.
The problem is I wanted to make the game fully with the mouse with no keyboard interaction I managed to make a good game engine that do that.

But the problem is that the game is un friendly some how in controlling + there is a strange bug I dont know if it is from my PC or from the Game Maker or from what ??? where the game goes wild like all variables are multiplied by 2 which is not good.

Although of all these stuff I will release it. Although it won't be so good :( I hate to say that. Hope to be released by sunday at max.

I will released as beta version where to get any feedback for updating the game to make better or for solving some bugs I missed.

Sorry for not posting the few past weeks.

Bye Bye

Tuesday 4 August 2009

New Contests

Hey All,

Wow there is two large contest running by time. The first one is by 2BeeGames and the second I talked about it before which is by GameJolt.

About 2BeeGames is a grand one like the one before which I submited MindHunter to it. The prizes are 10,000$ first prize and publishing deal and Community favorite will be 5,000$. I think I will participate with the unnamed game :) which is made for GameCOG in it hoping to win as usual but no hope :) But it is worth a try :) the compo ends at 15 september :) so if you are interested visit this link.

About the GameJolt it launched at same time 1 August and last for one month only. It offer the same prizes as the previous one the first three winner will be featured and enter the beta version of Ad-revenue share system + first winner will get a game for free from steam website :)
The theme is called Axiom where there is ten different axioms you must choose one or more to make a game around.

Here are the ten axioms:
- A picture is worth a thousand words
- Beauty is in the eye of the beholder
- Even a broken clock is right twice a day
- Laughter is the best medicine
- No good deed goes unpunished
- Quitters never win; winners never quit
- Actions speak louder than words
- Where there's smoke, there's fire
- In the country of the blind, the one-eyed man is king
- A burnt child dreads the fire

for more information here is the link

thats all the news for now :) Wish to me goodluck :)


Saturday 1 August 2009

About The New Game :)

Hey All,

I didn't choose yet a name for my new game :) it still un-named :) and not finished yet :)

I decided not to say anything more than its a shooter game :) made for GameCOG explosion compo

Also I will post some screen shots of early version of the game :)

Thats everything for now :)
See u soon with the finished version of this game :)