Friday 28 May 2010

Week After Week

Hey All,
I know I only post things from week to week but this due to the exams period besides I want everytime I share I have thing to say either news about my games or news about any other indie stuff :).

First of all about Hello World! project, this week I was surprised that a flash game is released having similar name (Hello Worlds!) but thanks god that the creator add (s) at the end of the World :) so it became different.

About the graphics Tomy was making my friends when they saw it, They said to me that its small and they want bigger sprites and I want it more chibi (may be bubble head (large head, small body)) so Tomy started to recreate the sprites again and make a small mock up for how it going to look.

I told him the size is very nice but I want smaller body and colors not to be to retro style I want it more smooth.

Also when I was free some how I was trying a particle effect engine with different styles and I generated a very nice effects take a look.

About Pace Maker FP I make the achievement works also I make HUD and preloader screen and make some small modifications.

Now lets go to indie news on the scene :)
First I found a very nice video about pixels I wanted to share it with you :)

Also Some people created a vedio about the famous flash game called Every Day the Same Dream, the video is to nice but also too sad

Last about videos a nice pixel art documentary video was made take a look on it

There are indie game bundles released these days from Boss Baddie team called the Lunar Pack where you pay what you want for two of their nice games (Wake and Lunnye Devitsy) also including some nice soundtracks from their next game Tomshire :)

Third thing is about a tool I published about it before called Sculptris now version 1.0 is published. Sculptris is a free 3D easy modeling tool :) take alook on it

This is all the news till now :) Hope you enjoyed it :)
I had to go as I had lots of study to do :)

Bye Bye

Saturday 22 May 2010

Some News :)

Hi All,
A week as usual from last post :) as I can't do better than that in these days :) lots of meeting and working and less time to sleep :)

First I will talk about my projects :)
Hello World! is still buggy and contain lots of error :S the server side was sending data lately so the game speed at the client decrements as more clients get involved. We were having this huge problem till yesterday were we tried an old library, We tried it long time ago (called Lidgren) and we found it is not better than threading in the dotNet Frame work but when one of my friends try it yesterday it worked nicely and this problem was nearlly disappeared so we were so happy :)
There are other problem with graphics and I am affraid that my friends may dont like it :S I am not proffesional with Lighting and stuffs like these. I am only good at retro style effects some particle effects no more :S but guassian blur and other effects I dont know how to do it so I will try to learn how to do them so I hope that I can do it perfectly :)
About Tomy the artist he send to me some mockup for the character (his face will be changed to be more chibi look)

About Pace Maker FP I have programmed the super powers (Shield and Kaboom) also I programmed the coin generator where it generate the money from the destroyed enemies. The remaining now is the enemies and the logic for achievements and saving achievement and may be highscore table.
Here are some pictures:

Last thing about my project news that I am going to stop working a little on these projects due to exams period is coming and I didnt study anything :S "exams will start at 6/6"

This is all my working news lets talk about indie scene news:
First these are amazing interviews I've collected they are amazing:

There are another interview with Edmund Mcmillan but this interview was made as a part of Indie Game Movie where it is set to feature a variety of well-known indie gaming figures and document the way their projects and ways of life reflect the indie gaming scene as a whole. Go and support the Indie Game Movie on Kickstarter where they are seeking to reach $15,000 budget :)
Here is the trailer which is an interview with Edmund and his Super Meat Boy project.

Another peice of news I found about working at YoYoGames here is the link for further details.

About Ludum Dare Last compo Gaiadi game win the compo :) its a very nice game you should try it :)
The creator posted a vedio about its creation process here is the vedio:

Another breakout news :) Adobe make a deal with google so that flash games now can run on Android operating system for further details here is a link
Here is a vedio made where he access Mochi Mobile website through android browser

After this announcement some of the flashpunk fellows compiled pink game using Adobe Air on his Nexus One mobile phone here is link for further details.

Last news is from Vertigo Gaming Company as he revealed gameplay of his new game The Oil Blue he posted some screenshots and vedio for gameplay the game really awesome you should check it. Here is a link
And here is a vedio for gameplay:

This is all the news for this week :)

I hope I dont stop posting here during the exams period But it depends on how good I will be in studing :)

ByeBye for now

Saturday 15 May 2010

Week Post

Hey all,
There is no upgrades happened in PaceMaker Flash version as I didnt work on it this week instead I saw IronMan II movie and KickAss Movie.

KickAss is awesome movie reall amazing :) about IronMan I dlove it, it is funny and awesome :) you should really see both espicially KickAss :)

I am working these days on my Graduation Project Game (Hello World!)
Tomy (Game Artist) is now working on the base character :) hoping to finish it soon so I can show you some of his work :)
And I and my team are making unit testing on first prototype of the game itself.

This week I will talk about lots of news :) Lets start:
First peice of news the results of YoYoGames Compo 5
Where Jesse Venbrux (2DCube) won the first prize with his game They need to be fed here is a screenshot

Second Place winner is Ninjammin beat jitsu it is nice game you should try it :)

The third place winner is Nimbus Sky Princess where it is a platform shooter with very amazing graphics :)

There are other runner up you should try:
Ninja Penguin
Cookie Dreamin Pogostix
Eye Attack2
Attack of the Ooze
Pixelry 1
Flash Five
Awesome Getaway
I Gun Zombies
Zoo Escape 3D

Lots of people hates the YoYoGames results as lots of amazing games doesnt appear even in the runners up example Cowboykilla

Due the Huge hits of 5th Compo the 6th Compo runs by time and it will end at 31 August 2010

The theme is Discovery and here is the rules of the compo:
1. GameMaker 7 or 8 only
2. Fixed screen size 480×272… no bigger… no smaller
3. Game must start in a window, though a full screen option is allowed (menu/option item only, no key shortcuts) – full screen size is limited to 480×272
4. Final EXE must be no bigger than 8Mb
5. EXE only no ZIP files
6. No DLL’s or other extension packages can be used.
7. No installation packages
8.No use of the registry
9. Game controls that can be used are UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT – for movement, SPACE, Z, X, C – as action keys and P for Pause.
10. All games must be tagged with Competition06, anything tagges incorrectly will not be considered.
11. 2D or 3D can be used but it must be standard Game Maker features, remember no extensions.
12. Contest finishes August 31st 2010 at Midnight GMT

Third stuff VertigoGaming is running a compo to win a copy of Spirits of Metropolis (amazing game I myself buy a copy and finish it, So Amazing :))
The compo is easy just post your favorite cake on this blog entry and Mr.Chubigan will choose some one randomly from the list :)

Another compo is running to win three awesome games (Crayon Physics Deluxe, Gratuitous Space Battles, Puzzle Bots) here check the link of the compo

Also a friend of mine called Ahmed Saker has made a talk about game development here in Egypt and encourage people to start game development :) and here is the Power Point slide show

Last thing here are some pixel art and mouse painting art I made, The first one is a creature I invented in my brain and make a pixel art for it, The second one is an appology picture I drew with MS paint brush for a friend of mine (The are two version check them and tell me which one is better)

That all for now keep waiting for more news next week :) I had to go now becz I am busy :)


Saturday 8 May 2010

Call for Help

Hi All,

long time as usual :), But you by time know that I am totally busy :S which is so bad :S

About the Hello World! project, An artist from Pixelation called Tomas Barrios and he is very talented :) here is a link to some of his work, I am not sure if he will work after he knows all details of work or will need a large chunck of money :-?? Hope that he helps us :)

About PaceMaker FlashVersion I finished a large shot from previous time :)
here is some screen shots :)

The remaining parts are the music I wished Heatex is free to make some music for me but he had exams and working with rotten_tatter on some cool projects.

So I told Heatex if he become free before I finish the project tell me :) if no may be I will search for a musician :)

Another thing Lucidrine is now hiring new artist and flash developpers for full time job so if you are intersted see this link for further details :)

At the end Knite a known artist on GameJolt (he really is nice person and his art is so cool) on his blog says that an artist called extvia will make tutorial on drawing using GIMP so I am waiting for it :)

There is a charity bundle from amazing indie games creators :) don't hesitate and go buy it :) its so amazing :) here is a video for further details

Also FlashPunk v1.00 has been launched I wish I can use it but changing lots of code made for FlashPunk v0.87 to v1.00 is huge :S
So my next game will use it. Here is a link for further details.

2BeeGames has changed its name to be IndiePub and it launches its 3rd Competition :) for grand prize 100,000$ :D which is an amazing chunck of money for further details see this link.

Last thing Daniel Remar creator of Iji game :) have launched his new amazing game Hero Core its an amazing game u should all try it :)

Thats everything now :) Hope I can continue working on all my projects :)

Wish to me good luck and if there is interseted musician for either any of my projects Hello World! or PaceMaker FP reply on this post or send to me email on

Bye for now :)