Sunday 29 March 2009

MindHunter New Release Almost done

Hey All,

About the new version of MindHunter I've just contacted Fuzion_Creative and he told me that he's nearly done with it and will be ready soon

Only the music is remaining by now :)

He told me that the new polished graphics make it stands out :) Hope so :)

Also the new version will contain some bug fixes :)

Tuesday 24 March 2009

GameMaker Legends

Hey All,

I was thinking what games that can represent the power of game maker I found alot of games.
So I am going to list the best games in my view may be I won't write them all now but I will write some of them and there links if anyone wanna try them


Author: Derek Yu (Aquarina Artist)

Spelunky is a rouge platformer game and what I like in it although its so difficult, the pixel art of the game its so fascinating :)

You must check it: Download here

Spirits of Metropolis

Author: Mr.Chubigan

It is absolute the best gem game I ever played before + its graphics are so fascinating and graphic effects are totally brilliant you must give it a try, the bad news that its not a freeware game.
This game can show you how gamemaker is a powerfull tool and do lots of amazing stuffs.


Author: Mr.Chubigan

Do you MineSweeper its an addicting game somehow can you imagine this game become very amazing and chanllenging and there is lots of types of bombs this is ShellBlast, Also its not free but the demo is worth playing (10 levels)

Download Link: here


Author: Mr.Chubigan

This game is the first prize winner in 4th yoyogames competition. Its idea is totally amazing may be abit hard but its so brilliant idea :)

Download Link: here

ViVid Conceptions

Author: Mr.Chubigan

Game Music is so soft and very amazing :) also the game light effects and menus are totally wonderfull + its gameplay is unique(its amazing platformer you must not let it pass without trying)

Download Link: here


Author: 2D Cube

The game won the first place in the 1st yoyogames competition its idea and graphics and gameplay are all master pieces so you can't miss it

Download Link: here

Ancient Ants

Author: RedSystem

The game is the 1st place winner in the 2nd YoYoGames competition its so exciting and you will play it for hors of fun

Download Link: here

CaveMan Carig

Author: RhysAndrews

The Game is so brilliant and he made a special edition from it for 5$ but the original version is for free. This game is so exciting you must try it. and it take 2nd place winner in 2nd competition of YoYoGames

Download Link: here

I think thats enough for one post I didnt write alot in this post because I am somehow busy right now in college work and lots of stuff but i wanted to tell all people how the GameMaker is a very great tool in creating 2d Games. When I became free after exams I will write about 3D of game maker and more games and trailers :)

Keep Up :)

Saturday 21 March 2009

For Every Game Idea $250

Hi All,
Last thursady, One of my friends (Mohamede1945 who participate alot in topcoder competition) noticed a Competition called ESPN Game Idea Competition, Since he knows my passion to games so he told me about it.

I become Excited and entered the site, The game idea they need must be Sport game and better be an American Sport.

So I thought about an idea then I get an idea involving American Football. I won't reveal now my idea on blog as the competition is still open.

For whom intersted to join the competition Click Here

Hope I win in any competition I participate in :)

Ooops I allmost forgot to say the last day for submission is next Monday so be Hurry ;)

Thursday 19 March 2009

New Bug Fixing with Newer version

Hi All,
First of all,Thnx to all who tested the Game. My Brother Mostafa, My Friend Brother Ahmed, My friends Kaseb, Chitos.
Thnx also to iBrAaAa for encouraging me to change the control technique in the game

Today Ahmed(iBrAaAa Brother) have discoverd a serious error in the game when any controlled object is shot by an enemy called General all your controlled object are discontrolled.

I have fixed this bug by time and waiting for uploading the new version as the DSL cable is broken :( and I am connecting with the Modem which is so slow.
Also the new version that I will upload will contain Map which tells you about your progress in the game.

About the Music and Polishing the graphics. I am still waiting for it as Fuzion Creative(Nick) is some how busy of making his own web site.
Waiting for the finish parts from nick......

So plz if anyone found anybug plz report me about and the sequence that cause it :)

Monday 16 March 2009

MindHunter BetaV0.25

Hey All,

Some of my friends tried the game and told me that the controlling scheme is difficult so I thought of easying the control scheme.

The control scheme:
- OnlyPress SpaceBar then click on the object using the mouse directly
- After you controled any Object the focus is send to the controlled object

Also I corrected the some bugs that was happening:
- If you release the enemy while he is invisible he is still invisible
- Killing Controlled Enemy with bullet cause a crash
- Gravity aspects in the box and bomb
- Bullets Speed
- Reload Time for enemy fire is fast

Also I added the SFX to the Game

The Newer Version Link is: MindHunter

Saturday 14 March 2009

Alpha Release of MindHunter

Hey All,

I just finished yesterday the alpha version of the game it doesn't contain Music nor SFX.

About the SFX tomorrow I will finish a version containing the SFX. Then I will wait for Fuzion Creative to make the music and attach it to game + he will fix some bugs he found while testing

The game contain 27 levels + 6 tutorial levels so ENJOY!!!

So All whom reading this plz test the game for me and report me either by mail or a comment about the error in the following format:

1-Sequence: Caused the error
2-Level: Where the error happens
3-Error: The error msg itself

Hope you find the game intersting and good as a puzzle game.

The Link for Alpha Release: MindHunter

Friday 13 March 2009

Mind Hunter Game

Hey All,

When I was young I kept dreaming for being a game developper and when I was at 13 years old I made a game called Kanfooz : Come to rescue which is a sonic game but I made him can where suits which fire and other that can fly and some levels he ride a jetski inorder to rescue his beloved kimbry. and I made the game using GameMaker 4 I think.

Click on image to go to its link on yoyogames
But in my countery there is no computer art institues to go so I am studing at faculty of engineering computer department.

When I first entered the department I thought that I might achieve my dream and become a game developper. So in first year I used C++ and made a game called MindHunter it was the best game between all my friends but the problem is that i didnt comment the code so i can't now understand it and due to time limit I didnt make a tutorial in the game as its idea was totally new and original.

Afterwards I tried using DirectX to make a game but it was totally disaster. due to leaking of meshes its extension .x on the net.

Due to college and lots of subject and project that i didnt like at all I couldn't continue as a game developper + I dont want to work alone all day but no one of my friends want to work with me using GameMaker and every year in vacation I told myself i will do a game using GameMaker as I am know more experienced but i dont continue and I had lots and tons of unfinished games.

Till this year I told myself I must make a remake to mind hunter where people can play it. I started and began to be depressed but when I know about Bee Game Competition I told myself I must participate and people must know about my ideas.

I started to search for someone to make the soundfx and music of the game i posted on gmc forums but with no hope till I was writing on Vertigo gaming (one of the best indie developper I see) blog

He was making a new game so I decide to tell him about the competition so as to participate with it and I was asking him if he can help me in music and soundfx.

One of the reader of the blog which is fuzion_creative told me he can help me in those stuff so I am totally happy for that. By the way Fuzion Creative have beautiful games Try it if you have time.

At the end I am an indie developper who have lots of ideas for games and gameplay which may be good that some people try it.

Here some picture of the game :)

When the game is finish I will puplish it on my yoyogames profile and here in blog I will say also in Fuzion Creative profile :)