Saturday 13 February 2010

Sorry it has been long time

Hey all,
Sorry for not posting from long time :S But I am too busy these days as at the morning I had a 2 weeks military training :S which is so bad and hard on me.
And at night I had to work on my Graduation Project which is changed to fit with my interests (this change happens by luck :D)

Now my GP (Graduation Project) will be an RPG Online Arena game :) it will be looks like DOTA but in my friends prespective :)

I am sorry for not updating so often so I have some old and new news :D

The first piece is the Experimental Gameplay month theme is Rejection :) you can find all the info on that link.

The second thing that TIGSource Assembly Compo Results are out :D yay :D here are the results :)
  1. Bitworld
  2. Dungeons of Fayte
  3. Realm of the Mad God
  4. Mr. Kitty’s Quest
  5. BirdyWorld
  6. Backworld
  7. Tiny Crawl
  8. s h i n e
  9. The King, the Queen and the Jester
  10. Great Dungeon in the Sky

For more info about the results here is the link of the post :)

Third stuff is FlashPunk v0.8 is out with lots of cool features new documentation and new games section on the main website :) for more information about new stuff in it :) go to the original post here.

Last thing about my YoYoGames compo entry :S (Night Guard) I made the main engine of the player movement long time ago but I stopped and didn't continue due to military training and GP project so I don't know if I will have time to finish it.

And about starting with FlashPunk I wanted to do that so hardly but I only use it for 2 hours then I had went to sleep and from that time I didnt see it again due to the same reasons for not continue working on Night Guard.

Thats all what I can say right now hoping that I can do something good. May god be with me :) Thanks for everyone who still come to my blog I will try to make frequently news now and often after my military training which will end on next thursday :).

Thats all for now :)