Sunday 19 February 2012

The Power OST is out

Hey All,
Good news :) my friends Pgil & Brother Android has just published The Power OST on Bandcamp for free :) go grab a copy quickly :) for this amazing chiptune music :) (link)

That's all for now :)

Bye Bye

Friday 17 February 2012

Chrome Webstore

Hey all,
I wish I published these stuffs on Valentine's Day as a present to every one loves Chrome :) but the problem that Google kept my transaction for development fees for about 5 days to make it :)

The above header is true I published some stuffs on Chrome Webstore to test it and if people likes my stuffs, I may publish more stuff in future :)

I have published a game and two themes here are they

Hope you love the game and themes and waiting for your feedback :)

Bye Bye for now :)

Monday 13 February 2012

Project Cupid Release

Hey All,
It's Valentine and I thought that best thing to do on Valentine's to publish my game Project Cupid for free on portals :)

I also made a surprise for that day too but Google keep me delayed :( due to some problems in their paying system :( but as soon as they finish I will announce about that :)

Here is the links for Project Cupid:
  1. Kongregate
  2. Newgrounds
  3. GameJolt

That's everything for now :)


Friday 10 February 2012


Hey all,

How are you? I know I am slow in progressing stuff but this is because I am a Teacher Assistant at Faculty of Engineering Cairo University.

And I have finished the Premaster Courses and its time to choose a research point which is the most difficult thing :( till now.

As you can see from my blog I adore games :) so I wanted my research point to be related about games so I am now in searching phase for the point but I can't find till now which make me sad :( but the main two field I thought in them was real time AI and real time Graphics rendering (AI and Graphics) so if any of you have any ideas about these stuff could you plz help me and send some points to start deep searching in them :)

Also one of the stuffs that delayed me from searching and working the recent game of Rich Edwards which is called Pineapple Smash Crew which is a game beyond the amazing in all aspects and all should get it :)
The Graphics Style and The Graphics are amazing :)
The Gameplay is amazing :)
The only one draw back that types of quests is the same sometimes and the boss shape doesn't have lots of variants but this is not great issue you will enjoy lots of fun before feeling it repeat itself and even if you feel that you will have feeling that you wanna play it again as its super addictive :)

Here is game trailer watch and you will understand what I am saying :)

About my own projects :) and game that all is been waiting :)

Project Cupid will be launched on 14th February this year on my own and Tomas own as it didn't get any sales yet so I will publish it :) and wait for non exclusive sales may be happens :)

The soundtrack for the game can be found on BauAir Bandcamp website you can go and check it.

About my game Alone in the Park it almost finished, the game will contain about 7 different characters to play with and 5 unique bosses and 10 different enemy types and 12 in game achievements and 2 or 3 different playing mode it will rock :) and the music of the game is made amazing and for sure it is made by my friend BauAir it almost finished just one track remaining :) (the game contain about 7 different and amazing tracks) and he will release the album after the game is finished :)

About my game The Power :) I am sad that sponsors only track it but non wanna bid on the game at all :( I think it's for lake of publicity so if any of you can help me in making publicity to the game, so I can release it soon, will be awesome and due to I love this game so I made this Nintendo Cartridge image for it Hope you like it.

Last thing to say that I have tons of new games working on it and hope to have progress on them so I can release quickly but as I said the main problem that I must focus somehow on the point of research and at same time the new semester will start and its my first semester to teach to students so I am trying to study for the subject I am going to teach (Software Engineering) and know every aspect so I can benefit students more and help them :)

This is everything for now Hope you like and don't worry tons of stuffs will be made this year :)

Bye Bye