Friday 6 January 2012

Alone in the Park (new game with Vartagh)

Hey all,
I told you there are lots of new games I am working on and most of these games are collaboration with other people :)

The First game that I will reveal today is Alone in the Park a game I started with Vartagh a quite talented person :) so we decided to give a try and make a game and we called it Alone in the Park

Since it is still a top secret game and we don't want to reveal any stuff from it till we finish more from it so I made a poster for it and I will leave you think about the game :)

The game music will be done by the talented Mikael Bauer and the game will contain lots of tracks :)

Last thing my game iGoo is not dead but we are working slow on it :) and I made a new Logo for the game Hope its better than the old one :)

That everything for now keep tuned for new stuff soon :)

Bye Bye

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