Saturday 3 October 2009

Return to Colleague :)

Hi All,

I just wanna say that tommorow will be the first day in the last year in my colleague (Computer Department Faculty of Engineering Cairo University) so my updates here on the blog and new games and working on them will slow down may be I release a game during colleague days or may be not.

Hope that I find good idea for Graduation Project :) till now I still dont have an idea nor a supervisor for the project.

Last thing is the theme of the Experimental Gameplay site this month which is Numbers. I won't enter I think as I will too busy next month due to colleague.

I will update here if there is new contests or may I suggest some games that I think they deserve to try them.

Bye Bye


  1. Congratulations!

    I started my first year about a month ago and I am already wanting to finish!

  2. I wish I dont start forever :D

    Wish to have a 1 year vacation :D

  3. Hope all goes well in your last year man!

  4. Thnx kinte, Hope it passed safely and find good idea for graduation project :D