Friday 30 October 2009

Great News

Hi All,
Just another long time since last post :) but there was no good news till now :) So there is some nice news.

1st News:

Unity Indie is now for free :) for people who do know unity it is a tool like GameMaker helps to make online browser games for PCs also it can publish for iPhone and Xbox nowadays but both these two features is not for free you must buy for it.
Some one may answer what is the feature in Unity not found in Flash. In my view I dont know but people says that when it comes to 3D online browser games Unity is better than falsh with thousands of times.
To download Unity here is the link

2nd News:
TIGSource is running an Assemblee Competition.
Where in first month Artist and Sound Designer and Music Composer make different assets and post them on TIGSource Forum.
In Second month the programmers use this different assets to make games and post them for TIGSource.
Wow thats sounds so fun in my view.
For more information about the times and all other things here is the link.

By the way I will participate in first Phase of the graphics :)

3rd News:
GameJolt third Competition will runs from 1st November and last for one week only. The Theme wont be announced till the 1st of Novemeber but they post a picture like a screen with the three intial colours Red,Green,Blue

For more information check this link

4h News:

QOG (user on GameJolt and nice) is running a 2 hour Retro Horor Competition last also for one week so whom want to participate check out this link

Thats all news for now Hope its nice.

I am totally busy right now so


  1. The news about Unity was the best :)

  2. don't forget that our midterms will start soon :(

    i hope u find time to do everything

  3. I ask god that I can do so :)