Saturday 14 November 2009

Compo News :)

Hi All,
As usual the weekly news :)

First about 2BeeGames Compo :) As usual I didn't qualify to the finalist with either Bactoriam or Mailure but some of my best developers have qualified (Vertigo Gaming) with his game Kablooey its a nice game you should give it a shot :)

Also there are some amazing finalist there :)
Cochon's Pursuit
Climb to the Top of the Castle
Cavemen Vs Aliens
besides Kablooey

Also I releasied that I am at the last year of the college so I participated in IGF this year with Bactoriam as a student :) and the announcing of Student Finals is tommorow :) Hope I make it (1 in million I think :D)

Also my Game Faculty Project was named The Egg & The Stone this name was chosen by some of my friends and this name is a name of an Arabic Movie which have the same idea of the game :) I wont say anything about the idea I will let it a surprise (by the way the game is educational game to learn people Resolution Principle so dont expect it fun game :) )

I submited to TIGSource Assembly Compo some pixel art pictures see them and tell me you're opinion :) here is the link of the post (link)

Here are the pictures :)

These are not all of them Go to the link and see the others :)

Last News that Reflect Games is holding a time travel gaming compo where you have to make a game talking about time travel alternating time or time machines

The end date is 10 December so head to submit and there will be nice prizes
First Prize is 30$ games on steam
Second Prize is 10$ games on steam
Third Prize is 5$ games on steam :)

If I wasnot Busy I will for sure submiting to that compo :) But I totally busy and I had an exam at next Monday

So for more information about the compo here is the link

Thats all the news for now :)

Bye Bye


  1. 3bs , always be optimistic

    why don't you enter that competition with both bactoriam and mailure

    i liked the pics

  2. Thnx Mozarty :) I am trying to be optimistic :) as one day I may be known :) and my games become more fun :)

    about why I dont enter with both I wanted to send only the most game I made work in :)

    which was Bactoriam and MindHunter but mindHunter is full of bugs so I send Bactoriam :)