Tuesday 29 December 2009

New Year Compo :)

Hey all,
Happy New Year and Merry Christmas :) Hoping that everybody enjoying his vacation :)
I just found a new compo for the new year made by ClickTeam (The Company that made MMF2(The tool used in making lots of famous games example: Kyntt Stories)) This compo have lots of amazing prizes

  • Multimedia Fusion 2 Developer or $369 via PayPal - quantity: 1
  • 1 GB 3.1 megapixel Mini digital video camera - quantity: 1
  • 1 GB MP3/Multimedia Entertainment Player - quantity: 1
  • 1 Year of Standard Web Hosting from http://www.atomicpages.net/ - quantity: 2
  • Clickteam Hats - quantity: 5

The contest named 20 Event Contest :) where you must make a game having no more than 20 events and in each event contain no more than 4 conditions (I think)

It sounds strange but I think the prizes are cool :) The deadline is till 14 February 2010.

The are lots of some resterictive rules you must check them before start making the game :)
For more information Visit this link.

Another news:

Nicalis company has published some music for the christmas very wonderfull and you must check them now :) link.

Also Dr.Petter the amazing person who created the SFXR sound effect tool which I used in all my games sound effects :) its so nice :)
He released an alpha version for his new tool (Sculptris) for creating 3D models by shaping a sphere as it is a mud ball and I am shaping it.
It's amazing :) go and try it :) and by the way you can use it in making 3D models for ur game as it export obj extension.

Here is a video for it :) have fun :)

That all the news for now :)

Bye Bye

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