Friday 25 December 2009

Merry Christmas Everyone, Happy New Year

Hi All,
Since its holiday season :) and I still to busy in college work, and No new news these days so I thought to make a list contain best indie games I've played :) so if you don't play some of them you must go and try some of them now :)

Game List:
1- World of Goo
2- Crayon Physics Deluxe
3- Braid
4- Frozzd
5- Focus
6- The Power
7- And Every Thing Start to Fall
8- Fetus
9- Assassin Blue
10- Crazy Over Goo
11- CaveMan Carig
12- IjI
13- Innoquous 3
14- Dungeon Chaos
15- Ancient Ants
16- Granny And The Snowmen
17- Street Bike Fury
18- Super Ninja Hunter
19- Acid Bomb
20- Spirits Of Metropolis
21- Vivid Conception
22- Winter Solatice
23- RunMan: Race Around the World
24- Time Fcuk
25- Eufloria
26- Cave Story
27- Skull Pogo
28- Parasite

This is a nice gaming list I remember now :) Enjoy them :)



  1. hey amidos, it's 3obaz from 3rd year.. nice blog you got there :) really nice, i admire your game passion ;) u really must have A LOT of time :P
    hope someday we c u pursue it as a career :)

    take care :)

  2. Thanks :) Abdedl rahman :)

    I just have a question how do u know about my blog :-??

    but really thnx for this wonderfull comment :)