Friday 28 May 2010

Week After Week

Hey All,
I know I only post things from week to week but this due to the exams period besides I want everytime I share I have thing to say either news about my games or news about any other indie stuff :).

First of all about Hello World! project, this week I was surprised that a flash game is released having similar name (Hello Worlds!) but thanks god that the creator add (s) at the end of the World :) so it became different.

About the graphics Tomy was making my friends when they saw it, They said to me that its small and they want bigger sprites and I want it more chibi (may be bubble head (large head, small body)) so Tomy started to recreate the sprites again and make a small mock up for how it going to look.

I told him the size is very nice but I want smaller body and colors not to be to retro style I want it more smooth.

Also when I was free some how I was trying a particle effect engine with different styles and I generated a very nice effects take a look.

About Pace Maker FP I make the achievement works also I make HUD and preloader screen and make some small modifications.

Now lets go to indie news on the scene :)
First I found a very nice video about pixels I wanted to share it with you :)

Also Some people created a vedio about the famous flash game called Every Day the Same Dream, the video is to nice but also too sad

Last about videos a nice pixel art documentary video was made take a look on it

There are indie game bundles released these days from Boss Baddie team called the Lunar Pack where you pay what you want for two of their nice games (Wake and Lunnye Devitsy) also including some nice soundtracks from their next game Tomshire :)

Third thing is about a tool I published about it before called Sculptris now version 1.0 is published. Sculptris is a free 3D easy modeling tool :) take alook on it

This is all the news till now :) Hope you enjoyed it :)
I had to go as I had lots of study to do :)

Bye Bye

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