Sunday 13 June 2010

Pace Maker FP Closed Beta

Hi all,

I have finished implementing Pace Maker FP :) Yaaaaaaaaaaay :)
I wished If I can find some beta testers for it and tell me the feed back what wants to be improved as I think the curve of difficulty and other stuffs of money and enemies is still not balanced well :)

So I wish there is some testers that helps me in the game testing but since I am going to try to sponsor it so I dont want to make open beta so people dont share links and copy game and these stuff which will down rate the game in the view of the sponsor :)

So I decided to make closed beta testing :) The music and Sounds are not finalized :) they are temporarly for the moment as BauAir is still modifing it and he told me that he is going to help me in sound effects as well.

So anyone interested in testing just leave a msg here on the blog with profile contain his email or write his email in the post or send a private email to me and I shall reply on him :)

For now I will leave you with a short vedio about the game

The amazing music in the video is made by BauAir :) thnx to him and his really support :)

Thats for now :)

Bye Bye