Monday 4 October 2010

Fast Short Post :D

Hey all,
My Game Mountainer is now completed with new graphics and all stuff :)
I also made a sponsor video for it :) so help me to try to get sponsor for it :) by spreading it :)

Also I found old video for all submission in TIGSource old compo (A Game By Its Cover)

Last thing Experimental Gamplay this month them is Boys and Girls the theme looks nice and exciting hoping that everybody join as its nice :)

Thats all for now :) See you later :)

Bye Bye


  1. Man you run some nice projects. Good success with everything and hope the best for your ambitions. :) Sponsors are on the way. ;)

    One thing got my attention is this: . A site for experimentation ( !) that's brilliant! Seems that it may help me in motivation to create " mini " games. :P

  2. thnxx :) hope so :) by the way Experimental Gameplay is so amazing to develop ur skills I start with it and developed lots of games Crytoryan and Bactoriam and Mailure :) espicially Mailure it was designed for them only and no other compo :) and it rockin' :)

    And it will help u alot participating their :)

  3. Hey Amidos , loving the new video and new graphics for Mountaineer . I think you got it written like Mountainer ? Is that on purpose or did I look at it wrong ? Anyways , is looking better than ever , you should get your self some moneys for it .

  4. No its Mountainer, its a name :) so I didnt search is it an english word or not :)

    Hope that I get some money :) Hope so :)