Wednesday 29 December 2010

Very Fast Short Post :D

Hey evereybody,
First of all sorry for long being away but I was doing my military service training where there is any technology in the camp for around 50 days :S so no updates happens.

By now I have lots of amazing news and lots of stuffs but I am too busy as I had to study well for my masters exam which will start at 9/1/2011 and I didnt start yet studing.

So I just wanted to announce that PaceMaker FP got a sponsor and soon will be published on internet :)

The second part is that Rotten Tater have published yesterday his master peice which he is participating in IGF using which is suteF :D its over amazing and you should try.

Sorry for this short post which doesn't contain much information but I promise when I am free I will make a super amazing post contain amazing news :)

At last thnx for anyone who still come here and sorry again for not posting for a while :)

Bye for now :)


  1. قشطة يامعلم ... ألف مبروك ;)

  2. roo7 zaker yabni :D
    isa hat2afel el emta7an kal3ada

  3. @Saker Thnx :)
    @Mozarty Shaklee hasheeel 2ata :D hehehehe :D