Wednesday 31 August 2011

Bunch Of News and Announcements :)

Hey all,
Long time as usual :) but still busy and have some boredom as I am always busy and when I am free (rarely happens) I want to work on my games and go out and watch movies in this little time so as result sometimes I just don't do anything.

But I have worked on my game Project Cupid and its now on FGL for bidding and here is the promo ad video.

About the iOS game :) the game is now named and its called iGoo and a devblog is launched for it you can view it here and here is a promo poster.

These all new I can share about my games :) but lets now talk about lots of different stuff and news of other indiegames and other developers :)

First thing let remember you with IndieGame: The Movie and here is its trailer :) which I adore a lot and whenever I feel depressed from my work or depressed I see it :) its super amazing :) and I can't wait till this movie launches.

Then lets talk about indiegames :) first game is Gang Garrison 2 is now out and for free go and download it :)

Also a nice game called Tale of Maledict is released go and try it :)

Also Block That Matters is now Out and it also wins the Summer Dream.Build.Play 2011 Grand Prize so you must go and try this amazing game.

Also Banov's new game Phantasmaburbia its demo is out and you can try it. Its classic rpg game but looks like its amazing :) go and try it.

The new game for Edmund McMillen called The Binding of Isaac trailer is now released and it looks gorgeous you must tune yourself and wait its release.

And the amazing game of all time is now released. Bastion the most anticipate game in 2011 is now out on Xbox Live Arcade and on PC you must buy this game it so amazing :) here is the launch trailer :)

Also D-Pad Studios amazing game Owlboy demo is out for it so go and try it :)

Arvoesine game now is free to download and play so go and check it quickly :)

Enough with games and lets talk about some game ost :) where there are some amazing tunes released:

A small news is about Spelunky fan toys is now released and they are amazing and adorable and called Spelunky Minis :)

There is alot of helpful and nice talks I saw on youtube :) so you check them.
First Petri Purho gave a talk at Assembly 2011 titled "Why Being Poor and Having No Budget is Good for Making Games"

Also Martin Jonasson talks about "Hats in Videogames"

Daniel Remar gave a talk about "Criticism, Empathy and how people talk about games"

Last talk was by Arvi Teikari which was about "DIY, design and motivation"

Now we will talk about some running contests that you can join :)

First one is GameJolt Indie(Function) Competition where the deadline is 24th September and the theme is MUSIC INTERPRETATION and the prizes are nice which are
  • Top 3 games featured on Game Jolt
  • Top 3 games featured on indie(Magazine);
  • Top 3 games featured on indie(Radio);
  • And quite possibly a cash prize for the 1st place game!
  • roboguy: I have a copy of portal 1 via steam that I am donating to the prize pool.
So for more info go and visit GameJolt.

Second Competition is IGF 2012 now is open for submission till 17 October :)

Last thing don't forget to tune yourself for TigJam 4 from October 20 to October 23.

Last thing is some useful tutorials and resource I have found and I think it will helps everybody :)

Indie Guide: it contains links for
  • Inspiration, Game Development & Game Design
  • Graphics
  • Sound & Music
  • Business
  • Marketing
  • Video Game Sites
  • Vido Creation
  • Website Creation
  • Other etc.

Here are 10 Tips When Developing for Multiple Devices

A FlashPunk fan make a game engine exact the same like FlashPunk but written in XNA and C# so users knows FlashPunk can develop easily using XNA called XNAPunk.

And Connor Ullmann wrote a nice tutorial for how to publish your FlashPunk game on iOS without so much changes using Adobe Air here is the link.

Also there is a tool released to rotate sprite images and reconstruct the lost pixels :) called RotSprite so you can use it and forget about the large effort you do in rotating the images.

Also there is some Flash Developer Tips that you will enjoy go and check it :)

Game Career magazine have a free issue (Game Career Guide) which is amazing and contain nice topics so go and check it :)

Last thing today is that CryENGINE 3 is now free to download and use :O which is something amazing so go and download directly the SDK :) now :)

This is all the news and announcement I gathered the past month :) and sorry for long time being away and sorry again for this long post but hope this post make you forgive me for not writing here frequently :)

Bye Bye

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