Tuesday 24 July 2012

Quick Review from the death

Hey All,
Long time since the last update about 2 or 3 weeks I think :S I am sorry about that but I was so busy organizing the first Arabic GameJam held in Egypt where the main host of the event is GameTako (Arabic online game portal where it host arabic games) so I am sorry for that.

I am sure you are asking did I make a game in the jam? since I was handling some organization stuff so I had only 1 day and half to create the game so I cooperated with Ahmed Saker (a fellow indie developer here in Egypt) and Ahmed Mounir (an amazing artist and he is behind all the game art) to try to finish the game but he couldn't do that as we were using Unity3D and I am somehow not familiar with it so I was not speedy in working so we only finished a prototype of the engine and submit it.

Since we didn't have time to name the game so while we were joking we named the character Hamada X so we named the game after it. for full details about the game and development and idea, I will make a postmortem soon for that so stay tune :) (to try the prototype here is the link)

Second thing if you follow @OmidosGames on twitter you will find that Clean'Em Up received 50% discount on the occasion of Ramdan (till 17/8/2012) so go grab a copy its just 1.99$.

Another thing Kabba game (a modded version of Ta'mya) is published on GameTako where all the ad revenue from it will be send to help the Syrian case so give it a shot and help Syrian people.

About Crappy Dreams and Alone in the Park the development just stopped for some time since I was busy due to GameTako gamejam, but I hope we (me and Vartagh) finish the game by the end of this month.

Also I played a flash game called Personal trip to the moon and its so charming and you should all try it (I wish I can design games like that one because this type of games represent my personal experience and life, Hope Crappy Dreams also deliver a part of my experience).

Last thing that I made a new flash game called Robotic Arm it will be produced in couple of days where it is a quoted puzzle game about robots (made for Newgrounds RobotDay but since I was busy I couldn't submit it on time). I think it is interesting and won't take long time to finish it.

Thats everything for now see you soon :)

Bye Bye


  1. I was wondering where you were during the gamezanga. haha. I played Hamada X I really like the art style. and its pretty good for a first try at unity. Is the puzzle suppose to start over when you walk in the door? It would be cool to see Hamada expand to a bigger project. It looks like you are developing a lot at one time! :)
    just by looking at that image I can tell that robotic arm is going to be interesting.
    anyway best of luck. I look forward to see what is coming up from Amidos entertainment!

    1. Hey Thnx Samer fo the comment, it has been long time since someone commented here :)

      The game is more deep but we didn't have time to add some text and make rooms, the room u are in is a one of the chains that ur mind create to be away from freedom.

      whenever you solve the puzzle wrong u are looping in the same room (which means u are constrained from freedom by this chain and u will loop in that problem all ur life until u set ur mind free from this constrain)

      when u win, u will find urself in a space in dark room.

      I will explain in more details the idea in my next blogpost I think :)

      I will try to sponsor Robotic Arm but if that fails will release it for free :) as usual :)

      Thanks again samer, Hope I can create nice experience to people through my games :) and what about ur projects?

    2. Np haha. and
      woah! that is a pretty deep story. I didn't know the game was like that. That makes it even more awsome. yeah I wanna see some more of that in the future so i'll stay tuned. haha. Im sure either way robotic arm will be a cool game in the end. Anyway, yeah
      I am also currently working on my next unity project. Actually I was going to put up a video of my current progress yesterday but decided to put a little more development into it. Ill start spamming my blog with it in the next couple days or so. haha. Anyway it was nice to hear from you again. Keep up the good work.

  2. i really like games..thnks