Friday 7 December 2012

Mindless GameJolt GameJam 3 Entry

Hey All,
As usual I am telling you at the start of the post that It has been too long since last post and I update my twitter faster than that blog so if you want to know faster updates follow me on twitter (@amidos2006).

I think I became a little expected and repetitive on the starting of any of my blog post so I tried to repeat it this time in a new way :P

Recently I entered GameJolt GameJam 3 but unfortunately I didnt notice that the jam started 2 days before so I didn't manage to submit on time so I worked on it for about 48 hours but not like a jam it is distributed on several days.

And I managed to make Mindless (a game that metaphors what's happening in the political scene happening in Egypt these days and the conflicts between Freedom and Religion) where you ..... You'd better try it so I don't spoil the experience as its a short experience game.

The art style of the game is inspired by "Seedling" the amazing masterpiece game by Connor Ullmann (if you didn't try it before you should do it now).

The game is now on That's everything for now :) talk to you all later

Bye Bye

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