Wednesday 20 March 2013

Loss: New game made for GameTako Zanga

Hey All,
I have finished a small game made for GameTako Zanga with Samer Abbas (Middle East Gamejam) called Loss (the theme of the gamejam was Lost) the game is just an expression about some stuffs I suffered during my life and still happening to me.

The game is now online on Hope you like the game and that's everything for now.

Bye Bye


  1. What? The gamezanga already happened for this year? I had no idea about it. I thought its only during summer? Why did it happen so early this year?

    oh well guess Ill have to wait till next year then. Your game seems interesting Amidos, Ill have to check it out! :)

    1. The Zanga is every half a year btw :) so you can participate in the next one and I will remind u when it comes near this time don't worry :)

      Thanks Hope u will like it when u tried it :) btw what do u think about the new redesign of the blog?

  2. A very nice piece of peotry! I didn't get it immediately, but when I figured out what was happening I wanted to finish it. Great job here!