Thursday 19 March 2009

New Bug Fixing with Newer version

Hi All,
First of all,Thnx to all who tested the Game. My Brother Mostafa, My Friend Brother Ahmed, My friends Kaseb, Chitos.
Thnx also to iBrAaAa for encouraging me to change the control technique in the game

Today Ahmed(iBrAaAa Brother) have discoverd a serious error in the game when any controlled object is shot by an enemy called General all your controlled object are discontrolled.

I have fixed this bug by time and waiting for uploading the new version as the DSL cable is broken :( and I am connecting with the Modem which is so slow.
Also the new version that I will upload will contain Map which tells you about your progress in the game.

About the Music and Polishing the graphics. I am still waiting for it as Fuzion Creative(Nick) is some how busy of making his own web site.
Waiting for the finish parts from nick......

So plz if anyone found anybug plz report me about and the sequence that cause it :)

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