Tuesday 24 March 2009

GameMaker Legends

Hey All,

I was thinking what games that can represent the power of game maker I found alot of games.
So I am going to list the best games in my view may be I won't write them all now but I will write some of them and there links if anyone wanna try them


Author: Derek Yu (Aquarina Artist)

Spelunky is a rouge platformer game and what I like in it although its so difficult, the pixel art of the game its so fascinating :)

You must check it: Download here

Spirits of Metropolis

Author: Mr.Chubigan

It is absolute the best gem game I ever played before + its graphics are so fascinating and graphic effects are totally brilliant you must give it a try, the bad news that its not a freeware game.
This game can show you how gamemaker is a powerfull tool and do lots of amazing stuffs.


Author: Mr.Chubigan

Do you MineSweeper its an addicting game somehow can you imagine this game become very amazing and chanllenging and there is lots of types of bombs this is ShellBlast, Also its not free but the demo is worth playing (10 levels)

Download Link: here


Author: Mr.Chubigan

This game is the first prize winner in 4th yoyogames competition. Its idea is totally amazing may be abit hard but its so brilliant idea :)

Download Link: here

ViVid Conceptions

Author: Mr.Chubigan

Game Music is so soft and very amazing :) also the game light effects and menus are totally wonderfull + its gameplay is unique(its amazing platformer you must not let it pass without trying)

Download Link: here


Author: 2D Cube

The game won the first place in the 1st yoyogames competition its idea and graphics and gameplay are all master pieces so you can't miss it

Download Link: here

Ancient Ants

Author: RedSystem

The game is the 1st place winner in the 2nd YoYoGames competition its so exciting and you will play it for hors of fun

Download Link: here

CaveMan Carig

Author: RhysAndrews

The Game is so brilliant and he made a special edition from it for 5$ but the original version is for free. This game is so exciting you must try it. and it take 2nd place winner in 2nd competition of YoYoGames

Download Link: here

I think thats enough for one post I didnt write alot in this post because I am somehow busy right now in college work and lots of stuff but i wanted to tell all people how the GameMaker is a very great tool in creating 2d Games. When I became free after exams I will write about 3D of game maker and more games and trailers :)

Keep Up :)


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