Tuesday 2 June 2009

2BeeGames Competition Results and Website

Hi All,

This is a light post as I am still having exams but today 2BeeGames Competition announced the finals :)

And as usual MindHunter was not one of them :) So to check other cool games and vote for finals
Also the site contain lots of very cool games submited for competition :)
Go now to the website (2BeeGames Link) and check all these games

Another thing there is still a chance for MindHunter to be Community choice so if you like it go and make it on your favorite list :) (Here is the Link)

About TopCoder idea contest, also I didn't win at all in it :( so bad too.

I just wanted to tell you the progress of everything.

And Back again for the exams :D

Bye Bye


  1. Hey, cheer up... Better a great luck next time.

    And yes, Good luck on Community Game title for MindHunter.

    And yes, best of luck for the Exams...
    They're a lot important.... :)

  2. Thnx Sid :)

    Hope people like it :) in Bee games community :)

  3. aywa ya 3am ba2a feeh 7ad bey3abarak ahoh :D

    i am sorry you didn't win but better luck next time