Saturday 13 June 2009

GameJolt Competition

Hey All,

Still having exams :D but I recieved today an e-mail from GameJolt website that they oraganize a competition its theme is Shocking and the first 3 winners will have a feature on the main site and will be chosed to try the Ad Revenue system that they made also the firsst winner will recieve a game from Steam.

For more info. press on that link: here

I wished I could enter that competition, but the problem is that the time limited and in that period I have exams :( so I decided to try doing something today if I finish a large part I may participate else it is bad luck :'(.

I started doing some bars that indicate new level start but it was full of bugs so to remove these bugs it tookthe whole day :( so I think I wont participate :(

So if any one intersted you will find the link above.

Sorry for bad english but I am busy.

Bye Bye


  1. why don't you submit mindhunter?

  2. for three reasons :)
    The first one I stated above That Theme is Shocking and MindHunter doesnt contain any shocking

    The second reason which is more important in the competition rules where submited games must be made specific to this competition

    The Third one I wanted some motivation to start in a new project becz I heared a presentation by Petri (The creator of caryon physics deluxe game) about prototyping and people must make prototype to increase skills and get rid of bad ideas and focus on good ones :) so I wanted to do lots of prototypes :)

  3. Wow thats a pretty cool website.
    -signs up=

  4. Nice that you love it :)
    do u know that ur blog is awesome too I am a follower more than 2 months I think :)

  5. if u will be interested after you examination ^^

    we will set a contest in montada :

    start time : 2009-6-25
    beta revision : 2009-8-25,30
    the end : 2009-10-1


    BTW : nice blog

  6. Thnx Prinsu Kun for your words

    I checked the competition

    I will see if I had ideaes for the Ninja theme as I dont like it so much

    Thnx again for u :)

  7. you don't like ninjas ... why? :D

  8. thats becz I dont have great ideas contain ninjas :D

  9. I am also Player of WOW GOLD. Thanks for posting

  10. Thanks Hetal :) Hope u liked the blog :)

    Wow i saw ur profile WOW lots of blogs you owns :)