Wednesday 17 June 2009

New Game: Pace Maker

Hi All ,

As I said I won't have lots of time to participate. But yesterday I said why don't I give it a try.
I started working on the game till I found only few things remaining and I finish it so I continued today.

Then DaDaDaaaa...... Pace Maker was finished.
Pace Maker is a small shmup game here its story

Story: In 3010 the computer viruses had been evolved till it can travel through air and infect any electrical system and destroy it.

So the electrical companies had developped hardware to destroy these incoming viruses. Everything was good till Kathomee virus is released.

This virus infect pace makers and destroy it using electrical shock bullets causing people to have a cardiogenic shock(heart failure).

so why don't you give it a try: Link

Hoping to win in this competition :)

Still music is remaining in the game and some fixing :)



  1. i find it impressive that you finished that game in two days

  2. Less than 2 days ;)

    it took about 1 and half day

    Hope you like it :)

    Do you know that Cactus (a famous indie developer) lots of his games are made in 3 hours or 4 hours :) so its not wiered if compared with cactus (where some of his games are better than Pace Maker) :D

  3. You made it on! Congrats!

  4. Thanks for all :) Wow Wow

    I cant believe that :)

    So thanks :)

    Without ur support

    U guys rocks :)