Sunday 24 January 2010

Just a fast post

Hey all,
Today Networks exam passed safety :) Wow thats really cool :) with no injuries :)

I had some small news :) for you all :)

I dont know if somebody know that or what but I made a twitter rss feed from my twitter profile if anyone intersted to follow me :) here is a link to my twitter link

Also Alexitron was talking about my game (Mailure) on his development dairy which was so cool you can check it here.

Last thing Game Make Blog is holding a contest where you design a icons and logo for them.
It is required to design
  • Favicon requirements: 16×16 size, .ico format.
  • Twitter avatar: 73×73 size, .png format
  • There are no other requirements other than to use your imagination

There will be prizes the winner will take a Game Maker 8 pro version or two month advertising on their website or any game in the same budget :)

Deadline for the compo is 12th February submit as fast as possible and send the submission entries either through their twitter account (here) or PM them here

This is the old logo they want to change :)

Thats all now :)



  1. You can link your Twitter to a Netbin account and get RSS updates that way. You can also create a "page" for each of your games for their updates. It's something I'm making and it would be great if you could test it out and mail me some feedback. :)

  2. Thnx Excal I will see if I can test it :) as I am busy these days with my exams :)

    Thnx I will try it after my exams :)

  3. I didn't realise my google account still said "Excal". You'll know me as Ashley on GameJolt. :-)

    Here's an example of the (statusbin) rss:

  4. Wow ashley :) so whom is excal :-?? where ur account is named after :)

    The link is broken :(

    but I opened the website it looks amazing :) I must definetly try it :D I will make an account and test it at wednesday after my next exam :S as I had very short time till the exam and there are lots of things I must study :D

    But Ashley the site looks nice :)

  5. Excal was like my gamer alias. :) The link works fine here. Perhaps try which is CROS's RSS feed. :P Thanks for the compliments. :D

  6. it works :D nicely :D
    by the way it is not compliment :) its truely nice idea and the presentation of the website looks cool :) what is left to try it :D
    but really its a very nice idea :)

  7. I have not given up game design, I might change the stories into a game.

    I am just working on a big project so it has been awhile since I released anything.