Friday 8 January 2010

FlashPunk is Out Hurrrraaaah :D

Hey all,
This is a small piece of news :) Chevy Ray (the creator of Skull Pogo and Beacon and lots of other games) have today released his flash library called FlashPunk (which I will learn how to use it to make flash games :))

Its now available for download and it has some documentation and tutorial to start with it :)

It was designed to work with FlashDevelop and not Adobe Flash

Go now and try it :) it looks promising :) and I am so excited for using it :)

Thats all for now :)



  1. I know that really amazing :)
    are you going to try it zach :-??
    may be doing some flash games :)

  2. Yea, I downloaded it and I am working on the tutorials from the website right now.

    I never liked flash because it cost money, but this makes it much better!

  3. Cool :) waiting to see amazing games u will make :)

  4. nice,
    ba2olak howa el beta3a dieh momken tenfa3 ne3mel bieha el 7agat el 3'areba elly dr. nieveen talbaha el term el tany ??

  5. You can use it to do anything it is designed to handle 2D graphics very well I didnt listen to the lecture Mozarty (as I didnt attend) but you can use it as to do anything its AS3 programming using 2D graphics library :)