Monday 11 January 2010

Nice News :D

Hey All,
The next couple of days may suffer from lack of updates due to my exams :) as I just going to start at next sunday :)

But there are some awesome news that I dont want to miss and dont tell you about it :)

First piece of news is about VVVVVV game that awesome game has been released by time :) I tried the demo its freakin awesome :) you must pick a full copy fast :) here is a link where you can grab a full copy for 15$ (I think because the website only shows how much it cost in egyptian pounds due to I am from Egypt :)) or try the demo :) but really freakin awesome :)

The Second piece :) GameJolt new contest starts today :) this time the contest is sponsored by which is an online hard rock radio :)

The constest theme is Rogue which means "Reckless or malicious behavior that causes discomfort or annoyance in others"

The contest prizes is as usual feature on the main site for the first three winner :) and the first will recieve a free game from steam website :)

The contest will ends at midnight between 24 and 25 January :) for more info here is the link of the original post.

Last ByeBye for now as I have lots to study :)


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  2. your blog made me realized that we are being tortured with exams

    80% of your posts say that you can't post because of exams

  3. Thats really true :D a subject like MI(machine Intellegence) make me feel sick :D due to the horrible book we are studying from besides the instructor (Dr.Nevin) didnt explain lots of stuff (or by other way she didnt explain anything :D) she's a monster :D

    We have to read about 500 pages to enter the exam :O thats is fairly tale :D