Monday 23 April 2012

Don't Push the Button LD#23

Hey all, long time as usual but I am working hard on lots of stuffs :) and soon will get lots of releases of lots of games :) I have participated in LD#23 whose theme was "Tiny World" and I made a small game called Don't Push the Button :) it took about lets say about 20 hours work :) (most of this time was testing the game and designing levels) as I decided to make a difficult platformer game and I am not good a lot at playing them and the result was Don't Push the Button :) I am pleased with it but I know it contains lots of stuffs to be edited so I will work on it after a while to enhance it (as all people says the player is too fast so I will slow him) but now go check the game and rate it :) and if you like it please tweet it or share it :) (Ludum Dare 23 Link)

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