Sunday 3 June 2012

Crappy Dreams Announcement and Clean'Em Up Website

From the title my new game will be called Crappy Dreams, I have talked a little bit about it in my 100th Post, I will keep you updated by all the process of its design and its development on (Tigsource Forum DevLog) and at same time whenever there is a major update will post about it here or a major design issue :)

Crappy Dreams:
This game is an experimental game, and its inspired from Dys4ia and POP methodology experiment 1. The game will consists of 5 dreams. These dreams are divided into sub-dreams where you play them in shuffled order but maintaining same order of sub-dreams (means if dream one have d11 and d12 sub-dreams and dream 2 is d21 and d22 sub-dreams, we can randomize them but we must keep d22 after d21 and d12 after d11).

Target Platforms: Since the game is written in flash (as3) then I can publish it on Windows and Mac and iOS and Android and Blackberry :) but the game is designed for touch devices so expect it for iPhone and Android and Blackberry first :)

Game Art: I wanted the art to be crappy and looks weird to represent the weirdness in my dreams for example like RunMan: Race Around the World Graphics and you can see from the game banner.

I have just started with this game, I will post updates regularly on DevLog (P.S.: if you wanna understand more about the game idea check the DevLog).

Second thing I want to say that Clean'Em Up is almost ready for launch Just few music tweaks by BauAir Studios and making game support Arrows for movement too. So since its near launch so I hosted Clean'Em Up Website on Google sites and will buy the domain as soon as my bank send me my credit card (YaaaaaY its my first credit card). Plz check the site and give me your opinion :).

That's all for now :)

Bye Bye

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