Monday 4 June 2012

EvilQuest and Relation to The Power and The Power reviews

Hey All
I didn't work today because at the morning I was at college monitoring students at exam :) and when I returned I decided to purchase EvilQuest as I tried the demo I love it looks like a zelda like game with awesome boss fights so I decided I should buy and also its cheap only 2$.

I played it for 1:15 hour by now :) finished near half the game but what I can say about the game that its more like The Power with some RPG elements and spells and potions.

So if you liked the power so you will love this game as its larger and made in top down (more action in my view). So why I am saying it looks like The Power first of all the game is divided in areas which is like the power (I know lots of games have areas) but the areas here have some similarities with the power areas (Snow Area, Caves, Sewer (looks like water levels)).

Second thing I though the items are more like Diablo style where the item doesn't restrict entering an area, but that was not true as I said its more like The Power in that point especially that the lava area tells you its too hot their which looks like the ice area in the power where he tells u its too cold to go there. The ice area require getting fire weapon to enter it like most of The Power areas you need a special item weapon. Also the main idea he wants the Chaos Axe while in The Power you are seeking for the power.

I know saying its like The Power is too harsh on it as I didn't finish it yet and also It has lots of cool boss fights and nice story with some fun elements :) as Its my first time to play with an evil lord try to destroy the whole world and in order to do that he needs the Chaos Axe, the game have nice animations and cut scenes at the game beginning :)

So Lets recap all what I said.

  • Nice Boss Fights
  • Nice Story and Cutscenes
  • More gameplay than the power and lots of exploration and areas and enemies to kill
  • Spell system where you get variety of spells each with new effect sometimes the level 2 of the same spell have different effect
  • Cheap Just cost 2$
  • After sometime killing enemies is not fun a lot as some enemies are the same behavior but with different colors or graphics (ex:bat is like the bird, the earth golem is like the ice golem
  • Returning from a cave after you kill a boss in level 5 to the top sometimes is annoying
  • If you played The Power you will feel at some points by some repetition but not much
  • Some small bugs but I think it will be solved in the next version
  • Some people won't like its retro pixel art
If you like The Power and like the retro games and graphics I would recommend to BUY IT, its a nice game and worth for sure the 2$ and you will spend fun time.

Last thing I want to say that The Power is got reviewed by some sites which is cool :) I am happy for that :) That's everything for now :)

Bye Bye

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