Thursday 28 June 2012

U.F.O. Source code released

I have said in the 100th Post that I will publish lots of my game codes and will talk a lot about the development of each one.

The first game that I am going to talk about is U.F.O. you will notice its one of my abandoned games, this game was done for LudumDare but I get bored and at that time was having some issues with my life so I didn't continue the game and didn't submit it to LudumDare and no one ever tried it except me :)

The game is about a U.F.O. who want to terminate man kind so he kidnap people by using the anti-gravitational beam but the U.F.O. is malfunctioned so any person is kidnapped is thrown away after few seconds but at that time the U.F.O. acquire any weapon those people had so he can use it to kill more people (sounds weird).

The source code of the game is here( and the controls if you want to try the game Arrows to move and X for anti-gravitational beam (the swf file is in bin folder) the shooting is not functional yet.

That's everything for now hope the code is useful for some one :)

Bye Bye


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    1. Yup its an old game designed for LudumDare about 2 or 3 years ago :) but never been released :)