Sunday 21 October 2012

Snazzle Inspiration and Evolution and More

Hey All
Just wanted to chit-chat a little :) about lots of stuffs :)

First thing to talk about is Snazzle game and how the idea came out. As I stated in the description of the game on all websites it's inspired from the amazing game Snayke and how it turns a simple classic title like Snake into an amazing game. I loved the idea and loved the art style and music very much and wished I was one of the developers of the game.

One day while I was surfing the internet I found an interesting game made by Jayenkai called Pac-Man Slots when I first saw it (before I played it) I though I will choose a row then make my Pac-Man moves in that direction and not to die, but It was not like that it was weird game (you should try it link).

From here Snazzle idea came from but it was at the beginning just a snake where you choose the starting position and it start moving and whenever it eat a new food the game stops and give you the control to choose the new direction it will go towards it afterwards but I thought it is very easy and useless idea.

So after thinking I told myself what about making you place the whole actions the snake shall do on the grid and let the game plays and see if the plan is good or not (It was inspired a little from a game called Micron which is interesting and worth buying (link)). After implementing everything I thought the idea is bad and will be easy and won't be able to design good puzzling levels so I started with a little depression and wanted to finish it quickly to move on to a new idea. While I was designing levels about the game mechanics I found its interesting and do weird and bizarre things and was really interesting.

Hope that was not a boring story about how Snazzle is evolved :)

Next thing is I found some review videos to some of my previous games on Youtube and I am happy It's rarely happens to me that someone make a video review for a game I make. Here are the videos :)

First one is for Connect:

Second is for Robotic Arm:

Third one is Deutsche review for Explode (I couldn't understand but looks interesting):

Last one I just found right now while I am making this blog post its about Snazzle (beware its a walk through for the game so it will spoil the game if you didn't play it):

In the end I wanna say I am going to start working on larger version of Balls (All my Balls) and I want to finish it as soon as possible (shorter development cycle) and if it succeeds, we will produce a free expansion with more chapters and stuffs and editor for the levels for the game.

Until then that's everything for now :)

Bye Bye

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