Friday 2 November 2012

Alone in the Park is looking for sponsorship

Hey All,
Sorry for not posting here the past few days but I was very busy the past few days. If any of you was following me on Twitter(@amidos2006) I am sure that news is old for him.

Alone in the Park (the collaboration game between me and Vartagh) is finished and it's now on FGL for bidding and also we sent direct emails to the sponsors in order to sponsor our game.

I wish this game is sponsored by Newgrounds or ArmorGames or Kongregate or AdultSwimGames as I love these sites a lot and want my game to be for them :)

This game had been in development before Clean'Em Up was even started it took around a year to be finished (due to not working on continuous on it) and I am very happy it's now finished.

I hope the game gets a good chunk of money as I am nearly broke and I didn't get any money from my games in this year 2012 (I was hopping Clean'Em Up gets me some money so I can continue working on games as full time or even part time but that doesn't happen).

So a request if you are a sponsor or have direct contact to sponsor consider telling him about Alone in the Park(FGL link and I have sitelocked version (just email me) if the sponsor have no access to FGL) and thanks for the help I really appreciate that :)

Here is the new trailer about the game :) Hope you like it better :)

And here is the poster for the game I made long time ago :)

So what are you waiting for :) Go test the game on FGL link and show me some love by rating the game or sending feedback or sending to a sponsor telling about my game or spread the word about the game on the internet or just enjoy the game :)

Listed is the game features
  • 7 playable / unlockable characters (featuring 3 IndieGames characters)
  • 2 Gameplay modes
  • Lots of different mushroom types
  • Boss Fights
  • Upgrades
  • RPG elements and power ups
  • Achievements
  • Different ending
That's everything for now :) Hope you enjoy the game

Bye Bye


  1. sorry for this! but why you need a sponsor

    1. Because I need some money to survive :( I wish I can release it for free but I am now starving :( some how :(

    2. can't you sell it yourself

    3. I will do that If I failed to sponsor it :) as sponsoring guarantee me that I will take a huge chunk of money and the sponsored company will make the marketing of the game as a flash game :) but If I sell it for myself I won't be able to make good marketing like them to get money and if I published it for free and depend on ads I am also not good to get a traffic that can generate the amount of money I want for the game :)

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks :) Hope it gets a sponsor soon :)