Tuesday 13 November 2012

Fast News and A Request :)

Hey All,
As usual sorry for not posting for a while but I have been busy playing a friend of mine (@theBanov) newest game game (Phantasmaburbia) and its so amazing, you should check it :) Also I had some college work to do so everything is slowed down :( Sorry :(

You could be more updated of what I am doing by following me on Twitter (@amidos2006) as I tweet a lot more than here :)

First thing I am now working on my 2nd Commercial game which is an expansion to Balls game and the game is called All my Balls :) and I started a Devlog on Tigsource Forums where you can follow my updates on the project there :) (Go track the project).

About Alone in the Park till now we didn't get any sponsorship deal so if you know some contact to sponsor could you help us and tell him about the game :) I really appreciate that :)

Last thing I always wanted to be one of the finalist of FGS (Flash Game Summit) so could you vote for some of my games :) and here a list of my best games in 2012 so far Its easy just head to FGS Awards (link) and just fill the data with the game name and link on newgrounds

I hope I can sponsor Alone in the Park so I can nominate it in the FGS this year (I hope so) :)

Thanks everybody for reading my blog (as I never thank you before) without you I won't be able to continue working on my games (feeling that there is someone who likes to follow you and play your games really give me a push to continue).

That's everything for now

Bye Bye

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