Monday 6 August 2012

Robotic Arm is out and its evolving story :)

Hey All,
As usual I didn't find sponsor soon for my game so I decided to release it for free :)
The game is inspired at the first place by images from Nexus Game Studio and their upcoming game infinite.

I wanted to create a game about planets and orbiting and I started thinking and at the beginning to mix the idea of rotating planets with Don't Push the Button zooming idea so whenever you reach a destination this destination is a part of planets that will rotate with you and the camera goes out. The rotating idea had come to me from a game I used to play it a lot at these days called These Robotic Hearts of Mine by Alan Hazelden you should check it, its free on web and there is versions for iOS and Android and Playbook.

I tried to play the game in my mind but it was impossible to be played and the puzzles that can come out of that idea were limited to me so I decided to put it in my idea files till I figure out how to solve its problems.

After few weeks Mochi made 60 seconds competition and I was cleaning my room (as it rejected to clean it since long time) and found old magazines and comics where I used to solve connect the dots games in them and I remembered how much fun and how much I love them, so I decided to make a contribution game to Connect the dots games and so Connect was made.

While I was making Connect, Newgrounds was launching RobotDay competition so a spark happened inside my mind why not convert the rotating planets into a robot arm who want to reach to a specific destination so from here the idea came about robot arm have specific pattern and want to change his pattern to new one, and since I always love quotes so I decided to make quotes after you finish each level about Robots.

These short story about the game and how it came to live so let's short everything and play the game, its now live on That's everything for now :)

Bye Bye


  1. Nice work Amidos! Going to check it out once I go to Kongregate.

  2. this is your best free game to date

  3. Thank you! I love this game.

    I also found some pretty good game here:

    If you like driving games you can here.

    It's pretty good!

  4. This is awesome! Release it on ios and I will buy it with my full heart!