Wednesday 28 July 2010

Cached News :)

Hey all,

Long Long Long Time, I know that but I was too busy working on Hello World! as besides its MMORPG game I want to make its my graduation project in college and my delivery date was last Monday 26/7/2010 and I want to deliver a stable bug free version but this version was containing minimal features but stable at same time.

The main supported features in this version was moving, wearing equipments, pick items from ground, throwing items, melee attacking, ranged attacking, leveling up and assigning attribute points.

Then I stopped working on it because I was having bad week due to that I have to make some paper for the military services in my country so It took from me lots of time. So I was having no time either for the blog or the game :S which is a bad thing but when I became by now free again I decided me and my friends on Hello World! project to continue working on it till the IGF competition as we aim to deliver it into IGF 2011.

I will continue working on the game as soon as possible may be we will start this weekend :) I dont know.

Another piece of news is that GameJolt made a GameJolt Jam this past weekend and I participate in it with a nice person called Bret Hudson since he is still not proffessional in flash like me so we decided to use GameMaker 8 So I started making a game called Mountainer where you play with a mountain climber whom wants to get to the highest part in the mountain.
The Game design and art (I made it) the code at the begining was made by Bret Hudson but since he was busy so I made the code (but he started it).

You can try a simple demo made for the Jam in this link.

I decided to continue the game but I will first port it to Flash using FlashPunk v1.3 so that to learn it as the only thing I learn was FlashPunk v0.7 which completely differ from v1.3.

After my game news lets talk about indie news in the scene :)

First of all the competitions :)
Since the new version of Andriod v2.2 support flash so all companies starts competition to make games using flash for Android.

Kongregate website makes a new flash competition for that purpose for more information here is the link.

FGL also make a flash compo for the android also for more details here is the link.

Mochimedia also launch a compo for android and for more details here is the link.

Indie Games Arcade made a compo for the expo and it call for submissions these days for more info see this link.

Experimental Gameplay launch a new contest called Zero Buttons Contest where you must develop game that doesnt use any buttons :) for more details here the link.

For more running contest you can check this page on GameJolt where it keep track with all indie running contests. Here is the link.

Lets forgot about compos and talk about some indie news.

First about No More Sweden Compo

Cactus made a presentation showing his games which is so nice :)

Also Oxygen Games make 3 parts video for its new game Project B

for more videos go the website of No More Sweden.

Lets talk about some awesome soundtracks.

First one is for a game by Drazzke made in WinniPeg Jam which is called Leap4Blue, the music is made by Infinite Ammo creator.

Second game soundtrack is the oil blue game which is so amazing here is the link.

Here are some discounts on some on some games.

First there is discounts on some amazing games here is a link for more details.

Second there is discount on some indie games on Direct2Drive for more details here the link.

There is a 50% discount on Eufloria game here is the link to buy it.

Lets leave these discounts and go for Game Career Guide news. This month the issue is for free you can grab it here.

There is some video interviews with some indie developpers (creators of Cletus Clay game)

These are all for now :) Hope you like it and sorry for not posting anything last few days. Hope to change that. I had to go now :)

Bye Bye


  1. i love your long posts ! Now i don't need to search for news anywhere else . Good to see that you are very busy game making all over the place . That MMO seems like an interesting project , when does it go live ? Man , you are gonna make me re-activate my facebook just to try it .
    Did you got a sponsor for Pace Maker FP yet ?
    And hey , i may be "retired" but if you need a designer just contact me and if you run out of ideas we can always remake one of my old games in FP , HA !
    Well , CYA later friend . Take care .

  2. First of all I am so Happy that you commented on my post :)

    The MMO game Hello World! hoping to be life maximum at next october :) before going to military service :)

    About Pace Maker FP I didnt get any sponsors for it, although it is an editor spotlight on the site :S which is something bad :S

    For sure if I need a designer you are the best :) You are my hero :) and will always be my hero :)

    After finishing Hello World! I may collabrate with you :) in something as I want level designing and some other stuff :)

    Talk to you later :)

  3. Mountainer looks nice,hope u finish it b4 el gesh (law hatad7'ol)

    howa feen el health ?? 3ashan a3raf ana 7'abat kam 7'anzeer

  4. also when i climb down the score doesn't decrease and when i die nothing happens

  5. Isa Mountainer will be finished soon as I am working these days on it

    About the health bar and lifes I am doing it now in the flash version

    About why score dont decrease becz I dont want so as its useless

    After dieing u will be able to post ur highscore in the flash version :)

    Thnx for the comment :)