Saturday 28 August 2010

I am Bad :D

Hey all,
I know that it has been long time since my last post here :S, which is really sucks I should return posting frequently here again.

First of all Mountainer have been finished (from coding point of view) using FlashPunk and now its over FGL getting feedback and waiting for new graphics made by Tomy (Artist of Hello World! project).

Here is link on FGL.

Here is some screenshots from the game and soon the demo video will be captured :)

About working I wanted to join Ludum Dare 18 either the Jam or the Compo but since I was too busy so I couldnt finish my entry which is called U.F.O.

I dont know if it will be nice or not but its idea is very strange :) Hope its good so I will try soon to finish a WIP for this game so as to test it.

Here is some screenshots from what I have reached till now in it.

Third project is a collab project between me and Alexitron, where we are going to remake one of his old games :) lets keep it secret for alittle bit and next post I will reveal it.

This is the news about my projects and stuffs, Let's take about the indie scene :).

Since I was talking about Ludum Dare; people there made lots of nice games in 2 days and every creator afterwards made a video called Timelapse where he shows the two days in about 5 mins and how he was working on the project, which looks nice.

Here is a video for Jonathan Whiting (he created a game called Collateral which is nice game)

Second thing, the famous game Plain Sight having 80% discount on steam so go and grab a copy.

Warlock Bentspine game soundtrack is released for free, by the way the game is very nice and you should try it (link).

Lets talk about Indie Game Movie :) They released another teaser which is a talk with Adam Atomic (creator of Canabalt) he talks in the video about this game specific.

At last FEZ Physics article has been posted by Polytron here is the link.

Thats all for now :) Hope to post at regular intervals rather than long times.



  1. I played some mountaineer today and it was very good . The firefly was my favorite enemy and the little fellas on the balloons . I didn't get the point of the jump feature , does it make me invincible or is it just a quick escape action ? Also I noticed that some of the text was very small and a little blurry/washed out . It was still readable but could have been bigger since there seemed to be more than enough space for it . The music was really good and the art and sounds where fitting . Good job , like always . I hope you get a sponsor this time .

  2. the ump action was meant to be a fast escape method from falling stuff and other bad stuffs.

    about the blury stuff in the text I dont know why it happens for some font sizes and other not. may be this font dont support all sizes :-?? I dont know I will try to improve it :)

    About the art it will be remade to be better Hoping new graphics give me a chance to get a sponsor :)

  3. I believe you are using the font " small fonts " right ? Yes , some fonts only work at specific sizes so play with the size a bit until it looks nice .
    I personally like the art as is , but better can't hurt you , right ? Specially if it will get you a sponsor ;)

  4. yeah :) if better graphics will get me sponsor so improving is a traget :)

    About the font what you said is true on FlashPunk forum they told me that it looks good at multiples of 8 so I will see about that :)

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  6. Thnx ashley wait for the new post soooon :D